Why Choose Outline?

Why Choose Outline?

The global marketplace for professional loudspeaker technology is very crowded, with dozens of manufacturers offering you thousands of products for every imaginable application. The irony of all this choice is that it’s actually harder now than ever before to decide what’s right for you.

If your business relies on your ability to choose products based on practical, commercial and operational advantages then you need to look beyond the products and into the people and companies themselves. Please take a few minutes to learn a little about what makes Outline very special…

Who We Are

We are an Italian company founded in 1973 and located in Lombardy region, at the heart of the most economically and technologically advanced part of Europe (learn more).

Outline develops, engineers and manufactures large, medium, and small format loudspeakers as well as innovative FPGA-based and related technologies for the concert sound and pro audio markets. That is all we do, nothing else.

Founded by visionary designer and engineer Guido Noselli, the company is still 100% owned by people (including his two sons) who work within it every day. There are no institutional shareholders which means that the business is completely under their control at all times. When you invest in Outline products you become part of the Outline family, including access to the people who call the shots if you need it.

All our energies are directed into creating products that meet the demands of people and companies who rely on sound reinforcement products for their businesses. We are a dedicated B2B operation who have a profound understanding of the markets in which we operate, an understanding which informs all our designs.

Like every company, the heart of Outline is our people, many of whom have worked with us for decades. Their knowledge and experience, throughout every part of the company, is part of our ‘secret’.

What We Do

We design and manufacture many types of loudspeaker for professional applications. We strive to be completely self-contained because that’s the only way we can guarantee to retain our focus on simply making the best products we possibly can. Every element of the research, design, testing and manufacturing process is handled in-house by our own teams.

We manufacture the majority of the individual components we use and modify many others to our specifications (for example the diaphragms of the compression drivers).

Outline’s philosophy, products, support and service is delivered around the world via our network of international distributors and dealers, every one of whom is part of our extended family.

Technology, Design And Manufacturing

All our loudspeaker product designs meet three very basic principles:

  • They are 100% Outline, developed in-house by our own people
  • They meet specific, real-world operational or applicational needs
  • They adhere absolutely to the known physical principles and laws that govern the propagation of sound

GTO is considered the world’s most powerful line array system
featuring Outline’s (patented) Dual Parabolic waveguide

Over the last four decades we have created numerous proprietary designs which are unique to Outline products. These include the V-Power front baffle concept (since copied but never equalled), the patented D.P.R.W.G. Dual Parabolic Reflective Waveguide which helps gives our line-source systems their extraordinary power and the very latest in a long line of Outline exclusive designs – the all-new FPGA-based NEWTON – the world’s most advanced multi-source audio processor (patented technology) – that takes technology convergence for audio-visual systems to the next level.

Everything is made here in Italy, by our team and under our control. One of the by-products of this attention to engineering detail is that of all the Outline systems in daily use with touring sound companies around the world, not one has ever suffered a single transducer failure. How many other manufacturers can say that?

We also manufacture audio measurement and analysis tools, including the unique ET Series (Electronic Turntable). This was designed originally in 1990 and only for our own use, but which has subsequently found its way into the research departments of virtually every professional loudspeaker manufacturer as well as many transducer makers, universities, electronics and technology companies (including Apple, Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Facebook to mention just a few). Another example is the Globe Source Radiator, a unique and invaluable tool for acoustic measurement.

We also develop our own software for various applications. In the world of touring sound, our Openarray3D program is recognised as an intuitive, powerful and accurate tool that contributes greatly to the on-the-road efficiency of Outline line-source systems. Various apps are also created in-house to allow control of numerous Outline devices via web-based portals.

We don’t engage in hyperbole or the selling of ‘snake oil’. Everything we ship performs exactly as per our specifications, which allows clients all over the world to specify, purchase and deploy Outline products with total confidence.

Uniquely Outline – Embodying The Italian Spirit Since 1973

For many centuries Italy has produced visionaries – people who produce the extraordinary because the ordinary is just not good enough. In music, cuisine, viticulture, automotive design, fashion, culture and many other fields, the Italian flair is the special ingredient that sets us apart.

A perfect example is Antonio Stradivari, the legendary luthier whose violins and violas are among the most valuable and sought-after classical instruments ever made. Today, almost three centuries after his passing, the standards he set remain unequalled even with the very latest manufacturing techniques and technology – why? Simply because the maestro added something that was unique to him, a factor that only exists in his designs, a touch, a gift, an intangible element of his genius that sets his instruments apart.

The parallel is perhaps not immediately obvious between the great Stradivari and a manufacturer of cutting-edge loudspeaker systems, but in fact it is there. Like him we use materials and components that are widely available, but the end product is so much more than a sum of its parts, simply because of the things that only we do – the same intensity and restless search for perfection, a refusal to accept ‘good enough’ and of course the same Italian flair – the things that make us uniquely Outline.