Who we are

Outline was incorporated in 1973, sparked by a manufacturing vision initially focused on audio electronics.

Not at all incidentally, in those years Outline was the Italian distributor of prestigious loudspeakers brands, laboratory-grade audio design- and measurement tools – and it ran a specialist mail-order bookshop of acoustics- and audio publications, served with a rich offer of audiophile records on the side.

A gallery of Outline products from all ages is hosted on this website, all of them milestones in their own right – for Outline was (and is), products-wise, more often on a leading stance than a following one… in their marketing proposition, sometimes Outline products were so forward-driven to have arrived on the crime scene before the crime was actually committed.

The number of patents granted to Outline was driven by the unflinching passion for research by its founder and audio guru Guido Noselli – indeed a staggering number, directly rivaling that of companies with a much bigger business than his own, back then.

And, à-propos passion, even in the distant past Outline’s products have always won acolytes within the Pro Audio, Live Sound, Broadcast, and HiFi / High-End communities – which surely set Outline on a business route all of its own, and defined its very own DNA.

Outline develops, engineers and manufactures loudspeaker systems, as well as innovative FPGA-based signal processing technologies geared to concert sound and professional audio applications, together with laboratory-grade Test & Measurement solutions.

Guido Noselli was indeed a visionary entrepreneur, inventor and engineer – whose heritage still drives the Company, which to date is still entirely family- owned, run by a committed team of professionals (including Guido’s two sons) aimed at delivering on its stakeholders’ expectations at the best of its capacity.

We are a dedicated tech company shaped by the competence hard-earned from the markets in which we operate, fueled by the application challenge that inspires our designs, which embody our mission of delivering uncompromising sound to elevate the audience engagement, and our vision of enabling a transformative experience of each and every listener.

Any company’s success is built upon the human capital that drives it, and so is Outline’s – its strength actually lies within Outline’s crew, in a team of most talented people whom have worked together for decades. It is their knowledge and expertise, throughout any activity of the company, that wrote Outline’s very own recipe.

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