intro: when-wise

Tracing Outline’s path through 5 decades results in an easy, uncomplicated task: it has always been at the forefront of concert sound and bespoke installations, at the junction where accuracy in audio response rhymes with sonic elation and dependable engineering.

A casual search across our archive through the ages returns not only a who’s who (of whom Outline’s been mixed up with), but renders an incredibly varied palette of venues and architectural buildings, styles of entertainment, events of most diverse music genres, and a full compendium of sound engineering trends and applications from all eras.

Choose your seat, fasten your seat belt, for it’s not the destination – it’s the journey!

Welcome to Outline’s time machine! :-]

*REM: contiene immagini d’archivio, Araldi, prodotti vintage, libro di Mauro Pagani, pubblicità trash di allora – sostituisce Reference List, che ora diventa un pdf da scaricare (a piacere, o al bisogno).

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