Coaxial loudspeaker



Compact loudspeakers designed for mobile and fixed installation applications
Extraordinary audio fidelity and power handling
Premium grade coaxial drivers
Predictable and accurate HF directivity control
High SPL relative to size and weight
Conical dispersion


The VEGAS 8 CX, 12 CX and 15 CX are designed and manufactured with the same stringent quality standards applied to Outline’s world class touring audio products. Contemporary design and efficient manufacturing processes allow Outline to deliver these products with first-class power handling and audio fidelity at a very attractive price point. The three VEGAS CX models are ideal multi-purpose, full-range, 2-way bass reflex enclosures equipped with a modern premium custom coaxial driver.

They require only one amplifier channel for correct operation, the frequency splitting between the LF driver and the HF driver being accomplished by the passive crossover network built into the enclosure. The low-loss passive filter ensures a seamless transition between the LF and HF drivers. Combined with the asymmetric cabinet design each VEGAS CX model can be used as a floor monitor or stage front fill if required.

Outline’s high quality coaxial driver gives excellent sonic performance, increased timbre quality and high power handling characteristics. Vegas 8CX and Vegas 15CX incorporate specific rotatable moulded horns which provide Low-Pass acoustical loading on the woofers, increased efficiency in their usable bandwidth, and assist the rejection of out-of-band energy. The high quality internal crossover network is manufactured with top grade components, including coils with very low resistance and metalized polypropylene capacitors. It also features ingenious circuitry to protect the component against excessive current and voltage. Each VEGAS CX delivers high levels of undistorted audio; 8 CX produces a peak of 127 dB, 12 CX 133 dB and 15 CX 136 dB SPL at 1 meter.

The Outline iP24 DSP unit and all Outline amplifiers are recommended for best results. The all-wood 15 mm phenolic-glued Baltic birch enclosure features craftsmanship dovetail joinery construction protected by an epoxy powder coated, resonance-free steel grill over acoustically transparent foam. Every cabinet is coated with a high-tech black textured polyurea scratch free finish and custom RAL color repainting options are available for installations with specific cosmetic requirements.


Frequency Response (-10 dB) 65 Hz – 22 kHz
Nominal Dispersion 90° x 80° (H x V)
Impedance (Nom/Min) 8 Ω / 7.2 Ω
Watt AES (Continuous/Peak) 250 W / 1000 W
Maximum SPL Output * 127 dB SPL
* calculated using +10 dB Crest Factor signal @ 1 m, Free Field



Component Low 8″ woofer
Component High 1.5″ diaphragm compression driver
Loading Low Bass-reflex
Loading High Coaxial rotatable moulded horn
Connectors 2 x NL4 PAR Pins 1+/1-, 4PIN PHX
Cabinet Material  Baltic birch plywood
Cabinet Finish Black polyurea coating
Grill Epoxy powder coated
Installation Points  4 x M6, 1 x M8 threaded points
Pole Mount 35 mm socket
Height 420 mm – 16 17/32″
Width 260 mm – 10 ¼”
Depth 270 mm – 10 5/8″
Weight 9.2 kg – 20.3 lb


VEGAS Series Brochure

Jan 2018

VEGAS 8CX Kit Brochure

Jun 2021

VEGAS 8 CX Architectural Specifications

Dec 2019

VEGAS 8 CX User Manual

Jun 2020

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