Super compact loudspeaker


Super-Compact loudspeaker designed for mobile and fixed installation applications
High SPL (122 dB SPL short-term peak @ 1 m) with exceptional power capability in a compact and lightweight package (7.5 kg / 16 lb)
Receptacle for fitting support stand, M8 and M6 threaded mounting points (vertical and horizontal mounting hardware options)
Multi-connector design with high current 4-Pole Phoenix and NL4 which allows parallel connectivity between multiple devices
Controllable via Outline’s iP24 DSP device, based on iMode technology
Black textured polyurea scratch free finish (or custom RAL colour repainting options)


Vegas 6.5 is a super-compact loudspeaker designed for mobile and fixed installation applications, especially where high continuous SPLs need to be delivered in an environment where space is at a premium.The enclosure design includes integral mounting hardware, compatible with various separately available mounting brackets. These provide a huge range of installation options for the unit. Vegas 6.5’s physically small enclosure belies its power. A high-efficiency 6.5” LF transducer and a 1” horn-loaded compression driver produce a maximum output of 122 dB SPL, and the unit will comfortably exceed the performance of most comparable devices loaded with 8” LF drivers. The extraordinary power handling capability of this Vegas fixture means that it can comfortably and reliably reproduce a range of program material with very low distortion and power compression. It is particularly well suited to spoken-word reproduction, as its power and projection deliver class-leading intelligibility, especially in the near/ mid-field.

Vegas 6.5 delivers a very cost-effective installation solution, making very efficient use of amplified channels. Custom RAL color repainting options are available for installations with specific cosmetic requirements. The cabinet is coated with a high-tech black textured polyurea scratch-free finish, which forms an elastoplastic protection that interacts with the plywood structure to further increase the cabinet’s sturdiness and vibration absorption capacity.


Frequency Response (-10 dB) 65 Hz – 19 kHz
Nominal Dispersion 100° x 60° (H x V)
Impedance (Nom/Min) 8 Ω / 6.7 Ω
Watt AES (Continuous/Peak) 200 W / 800 W
Maximum SPL Output * 122 dB SPL
* calculated using +10 dB Crest Factor signal @ 1 m, Free Field


Component Low 6.5″ woofer
Component High 1″ diaphragm compression driver
Loading Low Bass-reflex
Loading High Moulded horn
Connectors 2 x NL4 PAR Pins 1+/1-, 4PIN PHX
Cabinet Material Baltic birch plywood
Cabinet Finish Black polyurea coating
Grill Epoxy powder coated
Installation Points 2 x M8, 4 x M6 threaded points
Pole Mount N/A
Height 350 mm – 13 25/32″
Width 220 mm – 8 21/32″
Depth 245 mm – 9 21/32″
Weight 7.5 kg – 16.5 lb


VEGAS 6.5 User Manual

Jun 2017

VEGAS 6.5 Architectural Specifications

Dec 2019

VEGAS 6.5 KIT Brochure

Jun 2021

VEGAS Series Brochure

Jan 2018

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