Miniature loudspeaker



Single-driver advantages
Plug and play solution with Outline L3000 power amplifier
HCDF (Hydrophobic Compact Density Fiber) ensuring toughest places operation
Indoors or out, any colour you like
Fitted with M6 installation points and included bracket, HCDF (Hydrophobic Compact Density Fiber) and IP55 protection with weatherproof plate (WPCON-04, optional)
Extended frequency response with the companion SUB110


A tiny box full of useful

Occasionally, a product appears which ticks so many boxes – whose applications are so wide and varied – which appeals equally to audio professionals working in widely disparate fields everywhere – which makes life just that little bit easier for sound system designers – and which is just a really well-thought-out design, created by engineers who understand the applications perfectly – that it quickly becomes an industry standard.

The latest product to achieve all these things is here – the all-new Outline Vegas 4 – a tiny box full of useful.

Created by Outline’s engineering team to solve the problem of delivering rich, natural audio from the smallest possible footprint, Vegas 4 re-writes the rules on what’s possible from a loudspeaker that fits in the palm of your hand. Despite its diminutive size and weight, this loudspeaker produces rich, highly intelligible audio (whether pre-recorded or from a live source) and is powerful enough to deliver it across a surprisingly wide area.

Beautifully made and finished (100% in Italy), designed totally for purpose and yet flexible enough to meet the demands of an unlimited number of applications, Outline’s latest loudspeaker design embodies all the ambition, innovation and engineering excellence that has made them a world leader.

Vegas 4’s key design features, mechanical characteristics and performance parameters include:

A Big Heart In A Small Body

Vegas 4 features a brand new 4” cone transducer, created by Outline’s engineers just for this product and only available in the Vegas 4. This 100% Italian-made unit is super-efficient and applies the same top-class audio engineering found in our larger transducers to a unit a fraction of their size.

Single-Driver Advantages

Single-driver designs enjoy a major sonic advantage in that they do not suffer from the phase anomalies caused by a crossover and so produce the most natural and uncoloured sound. Outline’s engineers have extended this advantage by creating a new design of membrane which dramatically improves the off-axis performance, a key feature for ultra-compact, multi-application loudspeaker systems.

Designed For Professional Power Amplifiers

The new 4” transducer is designed to be powered by professional power amplifiers and its output is simply prodigious, producing power and reliability that belies its size. Contained within an enclosure measuring just 12cm x 12cm x 12.6cm and weighing only 1.6Kg, Outline’s world-class audio engineering has produced a robust and reliable integrated design which punches far above its weight in terms of audio performance and service life.

Flexible Connection Options

A very clever connection panel helps make Vegas 4 equally useful in fixed and mobile systems, as the rear connector panel includes both four-pole Speakon connectors and a screw-terminal Euroblock. Additionally, the internal poles of the Speakons can be switched externally, so that multiple loudspeakers can be wired on a 4-conductor cable, and then the impedance load on two channels of amplifier can be matched to the number of loudspeakers without any re-wiring.

Indoors Or Out

Vegas 4’s enclosure is manufactured from HCDF Hydrophobic Compact Density Fibre – and is fully sealed to the standards required of the IP55 protection rating with weatherproof plate (WPCON-04 – optional). This makes it ideal for use – whether temporary or permanent – in applications where extremes of heat, cold and humidity may be experienced.

Design That Is Pure Outline

A striking design feature of Vegas 4 is the pair of O-rings at the front and rear of the unit. Not just aesthetically pleasing, these components also assist with vibration-damping and also stabilise and protect the enclosure from irregular surfaces.

Simple Mounting And Location

Every Vegas 4 includes a multi-adaptable mounting bracket, again designed specifically for this product. A pair of M6 bolts locate through the bracket and into threaded inserts in the loudspeaker, while the adjustment range and shape of the bracket allow it to be mounted securely on a microphone stand or virtually any surface.

Processing And Power

Outline’s ground-breaking L3000 power amplifier is the ideal partner for Vegas 4 whenever a very tough and super-portable solution is required as its flexibility, power and onboard DSP are all contained within its surprisingly modest size. Alternatively, any of Outline’s amplifiers will work just as well and the iP24 processor is the perfect external processing partner.


More than you can imagine! Because its mechanical design and performance make it so versatile, the Vegas 4 is equally at home in both fixed and mobile situations.

For example, in theatre, its tiny size and audio performance makes it ideal for under-balcony fills, surround / special FX locations or delays.

In retail and leisure applications it can produce beautiful, natural-sounding background music yet blend almost invisibly into the decor.

For business, commercial and industrial uses, Vegas 4 is perfectly at home (and perfectly discreet) in AV suites, boardrooms and presentation facilities.

When paired with Outline’s SUB 110, Vegas 4 is an ideal home cinema solution too, small enough to go on bookshelves or to be situated in the correct location for optimum acoustics in a smaller room without being obtrusive.

In mobile systems, Vegas 4 works well as near-field fills or personal monitoring or even as a super-compact main system. For example, an unobtrusive speech reinforcement system for a small audience could comprise sixteen Vegas 4s (or eight Vegas 4s plus two SUB 110 subwoofers) all powered and processed by a single L3000 amplifier!

Essentially, any application that demands top-quality sound but where transport or deployment space is limited is perfect for Vegas 4. Better still, Vegas 4 delivers all this flexibility and usefulness at an extremely competitive price point.


Frequency Response (-10 dB) 110 Hz – 17 kHz
Nominal Dispersion Axisymmetric 60°
Impedance (Nom/Min) 16 Ω / 12.7 Ω
Watt AES (Continuous/Peak) 70 W / 280 W
Maximum SPL Output * 118 dB SPL
* calculated using +12 dB Crest Factor signal (AES2 – 2012) @ 1 m, Free Field


Component 4″ High Power & Dispersion Fullrange Driver
Loading Sealed Box
Connectors 2 x NL4 (Switchable ±1/±2) – 1 x 4-pin Euroblock
Cabinet Material HCDF (Hydrophobic Compact Density Fiber)
Cabinet Finish Black polyurea coating (overpainted RAL colors on request)
Grill Epoxy powder coated
Installation Points 2 x M6 + 1 x M10 on bracket (threaded points)
Height 120 mm – 4 6/8″
Width 120 mm – 4 6/8″
Depth 126 mm – 5″


VEGAS Series Brochure

Jan 2018

VEGAS 4 Brochure

Nov 2021

VEGAS 4 Architectural Specifications

Dec 2020

VEGAS 4 User Manual

Mar 2022

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