New generation of advanced loudspeakers



Three-way, quad-amplified line array element
90° horizontal coverage
Components: 2 x 10″ LF | 2 x 8″ MF | 1 x 3″ HF
Enormous SPL (155 dB peak @ 1 mt, four boxes) in spite of its small form factor
Ultra low weight (38 kg / 83.8 lb)
Full compatibility with Outline Mantas 28


Superfly is a fully active, quad-amplified design which utilises GTA series DSP-equipped amplification and control platform.

Whilst the loudspeaker is a true three-way (HF-MF-LF) design, the dual high-efficiency 10” transducers in the LF section are powered individually which significantly enhances low-frequency performance compared to our Butterfly (the benchmark in its category, and one of the most influential loudspeaker designs of the last 15 years).

Superfly’s ultra-wide bandwidth and clarity makes it the ideal solution without the need for additional subwoofers. However, when used with any Outline subwoofers, its full acoustic potential is realised.

The midrange and HF components (dual 8” drivers and a single 3” compression driver) are shared with our GTO series, producing some remarkable performance figures.

Although it includes established technologies from other Outline products, Superfly has been created using a truly integrated system approach. Designed from the outset to use our state-of-the-art GTA series DSP-equipped amplification, a Superfly rig is simplicity itself to deploy in any situation, relying on minimal crew and requiring very modest floor space to transport and store.

Part of Superfly’s design is the wide 90-degree dispersion in the horizontal plane, which in many cases will reduce or eliminate the necessity for additional ‘fill’ cabinets. Where these are required however, Superfly will easily integrate with other Outline cabinets – for example, the 120-degree horizontal dispersion of our Mantas 28 cabinet would make it the perfect downfill / nearfield option for Superfly since it not only uses the same rigging hardware but also shares the same Seamless Baffle concept, providing perfect acoustic compatibility.


Frequency Response -10 dB 50 Hz – 20 kHz
Horizontal Dispersion 90°
Vertical Dispersion Array design dependent
Splay Angles available (Degrees) from 0° to 7.5° in 0.5° step with additional 0.25° position
Operating configuration Quad-amplified
Impedance Low (Nom/Min) 2 x 16 Ω / 2 x 14.4 Ω
Impedance Midrange (Nom/Min) 16 Ω / 12.6 Ω
Impedance High (Nom/Min) 16 Ω / 15.9 Ω
Watt AES Low (Continuous/Peak) 2 x 450 W / 2 x 1800 W
Watt AES Midrange (Continuous/Peak) 400 W / 1600 W
Watt AES High (Continuous/Peak) 120 W / 480 W
Maximum SPL Output, one box * 143 dB SPL
Maximum SPL Output, four boxes * 155 dB SPL


Component Low 2 x 10” NdFeB double reflex band-pass loaded woofer
Component Midrange 2 x 8” NdFeB partially horn loaded mid woofer
Component High 1 x 3” diaphragm NdFeB compression driver, DPRWG loaded
Connectors 2 x LKI8 in parallel (8-pin, military grade)
Cabinet Material Baltic birch plywood
Cabinet Finish Black polyurea coating
Grill Epoxy powder coated
Rigging Integrated high-load aluminium hardware
Height 239 mm – 9 3/8”
Height (rigging included) 278 mm – 11”
Width 909 mm – 35 3/4”
Depth 636 mm – 25”
Weight 38 kg – 83.8 lb



Apr 2018

SUPERFLY Architectural Specifications

Dec 2019

SUPERFLY – MANTAS 28 Rigging Manual

Oct 2022

SUPERFLY – MANTAS 28 User Manual

Oct 2022

SUPERFLY Recommended System Design

Sep 2023

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