3D direct acoustic simulation software


Outline’s 3D simulation software able to predict the electro-acoustic results expected from a live show or a permanent installation.
Featuring ‘surgical’ precision, as stated by some of the world’s most authoritative sound designers and acoustic consultants.
Superb accuracy, reliability and speed. Computationally intensive predictions are a matter of seconds (not minutes).
User-defined environmental conditions (temperature, wind, humidity and air pressure) considered for calculations.
Loudspeaker systems’ data based on real acoustic measurements
Combining full acoustic and mechanical computations


Would you like to drastically reduce the time spent on predicting sound results in a given venue with an outline sound system, with ‘surgical’ precision? The answer is OpenArray – the most advanced 3D simulation software ever created by Outline’s R&D team (Italy).

OpenArray is regularly used by some of the world’s most respected acoustical consultants to design Outline’s loudspeaker systems for venues throughout the world. This tool is able to guide PA system engineers through correct set-up procedure from an acoustic and mechanical points of view while fully respecting safety norms. OpenArray can predict the results expected from either a live performance or an installation of a wide range of Outline products, including all the line arrays, subwoofers models as well Outline’s point source systems. The risk of poor results is thus drastically reduced.

OpenArray features incredibly fast rendering time from input of data to final design. The sound designer can easily enter the desired venue shape and calculate the three-dimensional coverage area for given loudspeaker system placements and angles. OpenArray employs a proprietary calculation technique to greatly accelerate the calculation process, while maintaining the accuracy of predictions, reducing the time spent waiting for results. Highly reliable simulations are in fact complete in seconds (not minutes).

OpenArray has the ability to import DXF files, thus giving engineers a head start to final deployment of the intended system. This and many other features make OpenArray one of the most exclusive products of the international scenario.


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