iSM 212

Self-powered stage monitor



Self-powered 2 x 12″ LF plus 1 x 3″ HF dual-angle wedge monitor loudspeaker
Very low physical profile combined with extremely high-level audio output – only 32.5 cm (13 inches) high yet can deliver up to 143 dB SPL
Compact and lightweight, just 32 kg (70.5 lb) including bi-amped processing and amplification
Patented folded wave guide provides tight pattern control, maximising gain before feedback
Mirrored LED arrays on both sides of the cabinet provide visual status data
Controlled by Outline iMode Technology, our proprietary multi-control platform, which uses TCP/IP protocol to provide real time control over all system parameters


The Outline iSM 212 is a self-powered, DSP-controlled, full-range loudspeaker designed primarily for stage monitoring applications, whose internal amplifiers deliver 1050 W and 570 W into the LF and HF sections respectively. Low frequencies are reproduced by a pair of 12″ reflex-loaded transducer, whilst the HF utilises a 1.4″ throat compression driver fitted with a 3″ titanium diaphragm, exiting the cabinet via a folded wave guide.

The HF folded wave guide (an Outline patent) provides tight and consistent control of the emitted frequencies in both the horizontal and vertical planes, achieving the defined pattern control that is necessary in professional floor monitors, whilst still contained within a compact cabinet design.

Outline iSM 212 features an asymmetrical design providing dual floor-mount or installation angles. Constructed using high quality void-free 15 mm Baltic birch laminate, the external dimensions are extremely compact, particularly the vertical height which is just 32.5 cm (12.8″). This very low profile considerably reduces the visual impact when the enclosure is positioned between performers and audience, and makes the iSM 212 particularly suitable for television applications. The cabinet has eight mounting points for installation purposes, plus two integral recessed handles on the cabinet to facilitate easy handling. The black outer finish is in high quality scratch resistant waterproof black paint, and the front of the cabinet is fitted with a vibration-free painted steel mesh to provide audio-transparent protection for the components. The iSM 212 delivers a usable frequency response of 64 Hz – 18 kHz at -10 dB. More importantly for its main application, the iSM 212 also delivers an impressively linear response of just +/- 3 dB between 76 Hz and 15.5 kHz, and an extremely linear phase response of just ± 45° between 500 Hz and 16 kHz. When floor-mounted and driven at peak amplifier power the iSM 212 will deliver a maximum SPL of 143 dB at one metre.


The iSM 112 is also equipped with Outline’s proprietary iMode Technology. Utilised extensively throughout the Outline range, iMode is a truly ‘intelligent’ digital loudspeaker control platform which combines advanced digital signal processing and TCP/IP protocol to provide comprehensive control capabilities and a huge choice of interface devices. Users have real-time control over a series of parameter (levels, delay, eq’s, shelving filters) and can also select one of the four presets (three of which are adjustable by the user). iMode also allows the user to monitor performance parameters throughout the system (including VU-meters, selected preset, clip and limiter status, amplifier overheating and protection) by using an iPad with dedicated Outline app. With standard IP-based communication, the iMode platform is truly future-proof, offering control via netbook, smartphone, and many devices yet to appear. iMode operates on a Linux operating system with an Outline-customised kernel, chosen for its extreme stability and compatibility, and providing a robust foundation for iMode’s advanced functions.


Frequency Response (-10 dB) 64 Hz – 18 kHz
Nominal Dispersion 30° x 50° (H x V)
On-axis angle 65° related to ground
Power Amplifier Type: Class D (digital)
Input impedance: 10 kΩ balanced to ground
Rated power: 1 x 1050 W EIAJ on 8 Ω, 1 x 570 W EIAJ on 16 Ω
Cooling: temperature controlled variable speed fan
Special feature: direct preset selection, controllable via iPad app
Maximum SPL Output * 143 dB SPL


Component Low 2 x 12″ NdFeB woofer, vented high-pass box
Component High 3″ diaphragm compression driver with folded waveguide
Connectors Audio: 1 XLR + 1 Link Out
Ethernet: 1 EtherCon + 1 Link Out (RJ 45 Socket)
Mains: 1 Powercon + 1 Link Out
Cabinet Material Baltic birch plywood
Cabinet Finish Black polyurea coating
Grill Epoxy powder coated
Protective feet Four on bottom side and four on rear side
Height 325 mm – 12 3/4″
Width 700 mm – 27 1/2″
Depth 500 mm – 19 3/4″
Weight 32 kg – 70.5 lb


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