iMODE apps

Dedicated apps for iPad


Direct control of Outline self-powered speaker systems via iPad or iPhone
Latest implementation of Outline’s mission “from computer to enclosures”, featuring: rapid operation, ease of use, the enjoyment of a touch screen, the efficiency of the controls and the precision of digital technology.
Interaction with loudspeaker systems revolutionized with software interfaces on touch tablet.
Continuous real-time feedback of the loudspeaker(s) status and parameters
Entirely based on standard Wi-Fi technology, doesn’t require any special devices, just a wireless access point and standard Ethernet cables.
Complete control of the iMode-equipped self-powered loudspeakers, the App can check the status of the system (levels, amplifier status, protection, limiters, grouping).


The iOS Apps have been developed to manage and aid quick set up when using an Outline iMode loudspeaker system. This means it is possible to set all system parameters of a complicated system via an iPhone or iPad: just wire the loudspeakers to a wireless access point, then the app will locate them and the user will be able to manage them. By using the ‘augmented reality feature’ the user can take a picture of the real venue (the stage for example) and set it as the background: this means the user can place the loudspeakers in their ‘real’ position over the taken image.

The user can also control the contrast of the interface via a night-day slider function so the best contrast can be obtained in every condition. In “design mode” the user can move the loudspeakers within the virtual space in order to create a real scenario. To locate each loudspeaker, simply touch the individual loudspeaker icon on the screen, the real loudspeaker in the array will illuminate its LED.

In “ASSIGN MODE” the user can create up to eight groups, the assignment to the groups is very fast and the user can repeat the process several times, without losing the consistency of the settings.

In “MONITOR MODE” the user can check detailed information of the loudspeaker status: mechanical configuration, temperature, protection and fault information, limiter, and overload.

In “RUN MODE” the user can change the acoustic feature of the loudspeaker: gain, polarity, mute, delay (up to 2 seconds) and equalization. Then the user can quickly switch between single and group function.

In “SYSTEM MODE” the user can change the network setting according to his needs (IP address set up, enabling the DHCP feature, description, selection of analogue or digital input).


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