Flyable bass unit for Eidos 265 LA



Low frequency reinforcement as part of the EIDOS 265 LA turnkey solution
Front of House reinforcement system for medium-sized touring and installed applications – theatres, houses of worship, live clubs
Small footprint – low visual impact Single 15″ double-spider woofer
Excellent and cost-effective solution, together with EIDOS 265 LA, for voice amplification, live music reproduction and program material.
Trapezoidal design Integrated ultra-light flying hardware
Optional repainting option available


FLYSUB 15 is a passive subwoofer specifically designed to reinforce the low-frequency response in an EIDOS 265 LA array. It features a single 15” woofer (76 mm voice coil and double spider), customized to produce very low distortion figures at both low and high output levels. This transducer design is the result of an all around project approach and continuous cooperation of Outline with the loudspeaker manufacturers. The transducer is loaded in a bass-reflex enclosure and is mounted on an oblique baffle: this gives the loudspeaker a secondary loading which improves the overall tonal balance, making the FLYSUB 15 the right solution to extend the frequency response of a two-way MF/HF array. The accurate placement of the reflex ports, on the same baffle, eliminates air turbulence noise, allowing a superior sound fidelity, even at higher SPLs.

The FLYSUB 15 is able to handle up to 500 W AES and 2000 W peak at 8 Ω. The suggested amplifier is the Outline T5-DSP. Up to two FLYSUB 15 can be connected to the same output channel. Each enclosure has two NL4 connector wired in parallel.

The integrated suspension hardware is a combination of top quality material and treatment in order to ensure extremely high resistance to stress, corrosion and abrasion – resulting in a simple, effective, and light weight rigging system. The angle between the enclosures is selectable from 0° to 8° with a 1° steps and up to six FLYSUB 15 can be flown in the same array. It is possible to create arrays of EIDOS 265 LA and FLYSUB 15, keeping the total array weight under the stated limits.

The cabinet is built from high-quality birch plywood and strengthened by the internal structure and thus is free from harmful colouring due to internal resonances. A sturdy steel painted grille, internally covered with acoustically-transparent foam and braced with two reinforcement bars provides superior physical protection for the components housed within the front of the cabinet. Four recessed handles facilitate the handling and dedicated flight-cases make the transport easy and safe.


FREQUENCY RESPONSE (-10 dB) 35 Hz – 550 Hz
AVERAGE DISPERSION Horizontal: Quasi-omnidirectional
Vertical: Depending on array configuration
IMPEDANCE 8 Ω (min 6.5 Ω)
POWER – W AES 500 (2000 peak)
MAX SHORT-TERM SPL @ 1 m* 134.5 dB SPL (free-field)
140.5 dB SPL (half-space)
* calculated using +10 dB crest-factor signal


LOUDSPEAKERS AND LOADING 1 x 15″ bass-reflex loaded woofer
WEIGHT – SINGLE UNIT 40 kg (88.2 lb)
DIMENSIONS Height: 733 mm (28 27/32″)
Width: 550 mm (21 21/32″)
Depth: 546 mm (21 1/2″)


EIDOS 265 LA & FLYSUB 15 Brochure

Nov 2016

FLYSUB 15 Architectural

Nov 2019

FLYSUB 15 User Manual

Oct 2016

Flysub 15 2D Drawings

Flysub 15 3D Drawings

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