Outline Dashboard


  • Remote control application for Outline Processors
  • Accurate real time monitoring and control via wired or wireless LAN
  • Direct and immediate user interface
  • Group Management
  • Custom Panels creation
  • Smart Actions: copy, paste, flat
  • Easy Project/Preset sharing
  • iCloud capabilities
  • Embedded Firmware Update
  • User Layout management (GUI configuration recall)
  • Multiple screens and Virtual Desktops management
  • Extensive logging features
  • Offline/Online/Virtual modes

In order to control all the features of Newton, a fast and reliable tool is required. For this reason Outline’s IT team developed Outline Dashboard™, a step forward in loudspeaker systems control.

Outline Dashboard can also control iP24. Each single device, as well as a network of devices, can be easily controlled and monitored. Outline Dashboard offers real time monitoring of the status of the machines, fast and accurate VU meters, controls of all parameters, warnings and logs redout.
When developing Dashboard the R&D team had the target to create an accurate tool to control all the functions of the devices in a fast way. The result is a software with a very clean interface that allows the user to always understand the status of all devices. A very powerful feature is the ability to manage multiple layouts of windows for fast recall of different working space configurations. Outline Dashboard extensively uses a lot of features of MacOS, including native multi-touch Gestures, Virtual Spaces and Mission Control.

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