• Synch and Clock Management Device
  • Very High Input and Output potential
  • Audio Distribution and Loudspeaker Systems Control


  • Touring and Festivals
  • TV shows and OB vans
  • Recording trucks
  • Large Fixed installs



Newton – The Multi Media Nucleus

Outline Newton is a full-featured, FPGA-based ‘Multi Media Nucleus’ that takes technology convergence for audio-visual systems to the next level. Newton redefines the ‘gold standard’ in modern audio processing and represents another quantum leap forward from Outline. In addition to comprehensive loudspeaker system control facilities it additionally offers media conversion, sync and clock management plus audio distribution with networking capability, along with a very high potential i/o count (up to 216 in both directions simultaneously).

Managing multiple clocks from different sources – simultaneously!

Newton also features several innovations that solve common real-world problems. As standard it is fitted with Analogue, AES, MADI optical, MADI coaxial and Dante inputs and outputs, which can be freely mixed and matched to suit the application. Further, it has the unique ability to simultaneously manage multiple clocks from different sources: this means that several non-synchronised digital protocols can be connected to Newton without affecting the phase coherence of the audio outputs. At a point where systems convergence and integration is more important than ever, this feature is set to make life a great deal easier for many professional users globally.

Dual redundant internal power supplies with separate AC inlets

Newton is also equipped for the most mission-critical applications in terms of backup strategies – for example, unlike any other device currently available, Newton features dual redundant internal power supplies with separate AC inlets. It can also be configured to use different types of input as ‘main’ and ‘backup’ with auto-switchover in the event of failure, an ideal safety net for major televised events and similar applications.

Newton will be available in three hardware versions with differing combinations of digital and analogue connections.

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