• Multi-purpose, wide range self-powered system
  • 2-way with built-in 2-channel DSP-controlled amplifier
  • High SPL from a small footprint (127 dB SPL peak @ 1 m in free-field)
  • 8″ woofer (Low/Mid), 1″ compression driver, ferrofluid-cooled coil (High)
  • Built-in Class D power amplifier module: 350 W at 4 Ω (Low/Mid) + 180 W at 8 Ω (High)
  • Adjustable input gain, four selectable EQ presets
  • 24-bit Digital Signal Processing,
  • Very low feedback risks
  • Top-grade speech projection for excellent intelligibility
  • Internally braced cabinet to minimize vibrations that could jeopardize acoustic response
  • Rigging points for installation components and various accessories


  • Medium-power live applications. Near-field stage monitoring for musical instruments and vocals. Speech reinforcement in theatres and TV studios. High-quality distributed sound systems in clubs, pubs, restaurants, bars, gyms, aerobic/fitness centres etc. Even wider high-dynamic application possibilities when used together with the dedicated subwoofers (club and dance venues, acoustic drum monitoring, …). Perfect support (e.g. on front-fill duty) at large events, as a perfect match for Outline’s line arrays.

DVS 8P SP is a wide range 2-way loudspeaker system with an integrated 2-channel amplifier. It comprises a 20 cm (8″) high power woofer for low and mid frequencies and a 1″ compression driver for high frequencies, ferrofluid-cooled and loaded with a controlled directivity horn. This enables the enclosure to be used indistinctly in either a vertical or a horizontal position to achieve the necessary characteristic of “projecting” the mid frequency range, ensuring greater intelligibility. The DVS 8P SP system has phase inversion low frequency loading and a tuned enclosure.

The system’s uniform directivity from 500 Hz to 4 kHz has an average dispersion of 112° (horizontal) and 111° (vertical) and average wide-range sound coverage from 500 Hz to 10 kHz is 119° (horizontal) and 93° (vertical).

The DSP optimizes the enclosure’s frequency response and offers the choice of four EQ presets: the bandwidth reproduced with the “Flat” preset is from 48 Hz to 18.5 kHz at -10 dB and the frequency response of the complete system is ±3 dB from 75 Hz to 17.5 kHz.

The amplifier module ensures high headroom compared to the system’s dimensions (127 dB SPL peak @ 1 m in free-field). The rear panel covers the power amplifier module and is particularly interesting; made entirely in aluminium, it has an unusual innovative design, giving the enclosure a really original look. The numerous small “pyramids” forming the panel favour the greatest possible heat dissipation, which ensures great advantages in terms of reliability.

The asymmetrical 12 mm birch plywood cabinet enables use as a floor monitor in two horizontal positions (25° and 45°) and, as well as combining functionality, style and sturdiness, the refined design minimizes internal resonance. The cabinet has ten M8 threaded mounting points (three on each side, two on top and two on the bottom) to facilitate both vertical and horizontal flying, by means of the appropriate optional accessories, and a pole mount receptacle for standard 35 mm speaker stands. The perforated steel grille on the front of the enclosure has a weather-resistant black paint finish and is internally covered by sound-transparent foam.

Tripod pole for DVS 8P/SP, 10P/SP, 12P/iSP, 15P/iSP – EIDOS 10, 12, 15 – VEGAS 10, 12, 15, 8CX, 12CX, 15CX
Telescopic pole for DVS 8P/SP, 10P/SP, 12P/iSP, 15P/iSP – EIDOS 10, 12, 15 – VEGAS 10, 12, 15, 8CX, 12CX, 15CX
Adaptor for two speakers for DVS 8P/SP, 10P/SP – EIDOS 10, 12 – VEGAS 10, 12, 8CX, 12CX
Tiltable wall bracket with 35 mm pole for DVS 8P/SP, 10P/SP, 12P/iSP, 15P/iSP – EIDOS 10, 12, 15 – VEGAS 10, 12, 15, 8CX, 12CX, 15CX
Pole mount with gradual inclination for DVS 8P/SP, 10P/SP, 12P/iSP, 15P/iSP – EIDOS 10, 12, 15 – VEGAS 10, 12, 15, 8CX, 12CX, 15CX
Wall-ceiling horizontal mounting bracket for DVS8P/DVS8P SP
U-type vertical mounting bracket for DVS8P/DVS8P SP


Frequency Response (-10 dB) 48 Hz – 18.5 kHz
Nominal Dispersion 90° x 60° (H x V)
Power Amplifier Type: Class D (digital)
Input impedance: 10 kΩ balanced to ground
Rated power: 1 x 350 W EIAJ at 4 Ω (Low), 1 x 180 W EIAJ at 8 Ω (High)
Cooling: natural air convection
Special feature: selectable input gain and preset
Maximum SPL Output * 127 dB SPL
* calculated using +10 dB Crest Factor signal @ 1 m, Free Field


Component Low 8″ woofer, vented high-pass box
Component High 1″ diaphragm compression driver, horn loaded
Connectors Audio: 1 XLR
Mains: 1 IEC C14
Cabinet Material Baltic birch plywood
Cabinet Finish Black polyurea coating
Grill Epoxy powder coated
Installation Points 10 x M8 threaded points
Pole Mount 35 mm socket
Height 420 mm – 16 1/2″
Width 234 mm – 9 1/4″
Depth 260 mm – 10 1/4″
Weight 9 kg – 19.8 lb