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Outline’s Movie Series overview

Outline Movie Series – Introduction

We listen to our customers so that we can create the true audience experience‘.
This was the personal motto of our founder, Guido Noselli. It is true of everything we create but is particularly applicable to the products we have developed for contemporary cinematic applications. The key word is ‘experience’ because cinemas globally are now dealing with a more diverse array of material than ever before. Installed audio systems must be able to deliver everything from intimate dialogue to the latest surround-sound blockbuster, but increasingly they must also handle live-streamed broadcasts of news, concerts and events.
The rise in popularity – and relatively low cost – of home cinema systems has also driven cinema operators to ensure that what they offer is significantly superior to what their customers can enjoy at home. Truly spectacular audio reproduction, regardless of the type of presentation, is one of the key areas where cinema operators can offer a quality of immersive sonic experience that cannot be approached domestically. Outline’s Movies Series of integrated audio system components helps deliver that key differentiator and keep the houses full.

What makes the Outline Movie series different?

Firstly, it is important to appreciate a little of our background. For well over four decades we have been engaged in designing and manufacturing professional audio products for a wide variety of applications. Our fixed and mobile systems are used all over the world by professionals who need to deliver powerful, natural and intelligible sound to audiences of all sizes, from small clubs to vast festival crowds.
Our focus on delivering the best possible end results means that we adopt a ‘whole system’ ethos which allows us to exercise the most rigorous control over the audio performance. We also develop modular lines of signal processing, amplification and loudspeaker products which are designed to integrate seamlessly in a number of different configurations depending on the application. Obviously not all movie theatres are the same capacity or shape, so access to a flexible suite of audio products is key.
Unlike several of our contemporaries, our cinema audio systems use exactly the same transducers, components and woodwork that we use in our flagship touring systems. We specify products for their ability to withstand life on the road in addition to their physical performance and this road-ruggedness translates to years of trouble-free operation in all environments.
Also, unlike many companies, none of our products originate in the Far East or are made for us by third-party companies – our entire range is 100% designed and made in our factory in Brescia, Northern Italy.
Virtually all modern professional audio systems rely on advanced DSP (Digital Signal Processing) and once again Outline leads the way. Our iP 24 model, optimised for our cinema systems, is the perfect example – using the super-stable Linux operating system and offering our unique ‘WFIR’ filtering technology (based on the same acoustic principles as the human ear for amazingly natural reproduction), remotely controllable via iOS Native App and MacOS Native App and also featuring the highest audio resolution presently available, this is a key component in getting the very best reproduction throughout the house from all our Movie Series products.
Because our system components are designed from the outset as compatible, modular parts (along with a huge range of essential engineering accessories), installations using Outline equipment normally take less time to fit because they make the integrator’s job easier, thus saving time and cost. Typically our projects are also subsequently simpler to fine-tune to the location as well as being quicker and easier to maintain.


Movie H 102 – Premium Cinema Horn Loudspeaker

This ground-breaking Outline design takes the tried and trusted cinema ‘large horn’ design and moves it forward massively by incorporating both a 10” driver and a 3” compression driver on individual horns within a single enclosure. Created using powerful proprietary simulation software developed and written in our own laboratories, this unique design offers significant performance advan tages over other comparable products.

Movie MV2CX – 2.5-Way, 3-Driver Configuration

Designed specifically for smaller theatres, the MV2CX delivers high-performance full-range audio from its 15” low-frequency transducer plus a 15” mid-low driver and a coaxial 3” diaphragm compression driver. This latter is loaded by a proprietary moulded waveguide, which is coaxial to the 15” mid-woofer and provides low-pass acoustical loading on the woofer, increasing the efficiency in its usable bandwidth. Uniquely configured as a ‘two-and-a-half’ way system both electrically and acoustically, the MV2CX delivers audio performance approaching a three-way design with extended low frequency.

Movie B 215 – Movie S 218 – Movie FX 101

The Movie B 215 dual 15″ enclosure provides powerful midbass frequencies. It finds its best application as the bass section of a L-C-R system and is completed by the Movie H 102 horn system.

Much modern cinema relies on extended but controlled low-frequency reproduction and Outline’s Movie Series includes a dedicated device for this purpose. Movie S 218 packs two long-excursion 18” transducers to reproduce the real earth-shaking low frequencies essential for action movies and live concert streaming.

Multi-channel surround sound is now standard in most theatres and the Movie FX 101 (equipped with a 10” cone driver and 1” compression driver) is a compact yet powerful downward-facing surround-channel module designed to be sited appropriately around the room as required.

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Accessories and Finishes

The STAFFA-MV1, an extremely sturdy bracket offering various mounting options, enables the Movie H 102 horn to be mounted on the Movie B 215 bass unit, via the integral screws. All loudspeaker components in the Outline Movies Series are finished in a super-durable matt black to assist in making them as unobtrusive as possible when installed.

Electronics and Space Optimization

A key shared technology from our large-scale sound reinforcement experience is the inclusion of AES3 connections on our iP 24 DSP controller. This allows a simple Ethernet connection to carry the multi-channel audio data between a digital projector and the sound system, which in turn means that the rack containing the amplifiers and processor does not have to be local to the control booth. With Outline Movie Series products it can be situated behind or below the screen, so loudspeaker cable runs are now much shorter, making installation and maintenance much easier and more cost effective. It also frees up space in the control booth and avoids any unnecessary loss of valuable auditorium seating.



TYPE Two-and-a-half-way, three-driver configuration
APPLICATION Small to medium size cinemas
FREQUENCY RESPONSE (-10 dB) 45 Hz – 18 kHz
POWER HANDLING, AES (WATT) 850 (3400 peak)
SENSITIVITY (dB SPL / 1 W / 2π) 100.5 dB SPL
LOUDSPEAKERS AND LOADING 2 x 15” bass reflex loaded woofers, 1 x 3” diaphragm horn-loaded coaxial compression driver. Equipped with 2 1/2 way crossover.
DIMENSIONS, WxHxD 635 x 1010 x 420 mm – 25” x 39 3/4” x 16 1/2”
NET WEIGHT 60 kg – 132.3 lb
  * calculated using +10 dB crest-factor signal in free-field


TYPE Single mouth 2-way controlled coverage horn (comprising passive crossover)
APPLICATION Medium to large size cinemas
FREQUENCY RESPONSE (-10 dB) 180 Hz – 19 kHz
POWER HANDLING, AES (WATT) 450 (1800 peak)
SENSITIVITY (dB SPL / 1 W / 4π) 108 dB SPL
MAX SHORT-TERM SPL @ 1 m * 144.5 dB SPL
LOUDSPEAKERS AND LOADING 1 x 10” + 1 x 2” (3” diaphragm) compression driver, horn loaded
DIMENSIONS, WxHxD 635 x 635 x 490 mm – 25” x 25” x 19 1/4”
NET WEIGHT 22 kg – 48.5 lb
  * calculated using +10 dB crest-factor signal in free-field


TYPE Vented bass unit
APPLICATION Medium to large size cinemas 
FREQUENCY RESPONSE (-10 dB) 35 Hz – 1.2 kHz
POWER HANDLING, AES (WATT) 700 (2800 peak)
SENSITIVITY (dB SPL / 1 W / 2π) 105.3 dB SPL
MAX SHORT-TERM SPL @ 1 m * 143.7 dB SPL
LOUDSPEAKERS AND LOADING 2 x 15” woofer, bass reflex loaded
DIMENSIONS, WxHxD 635 x 1010 x 420 mm – 25” x 39 3/4” x 16 1/2”
NET WEIGHT 59 kg – 130.1 lb
  * calculated using +10 dB crest-factor signal in half-space


TYPE Vented subwoofer unit
APPLICATION Small to large size cinemas
FREQUENCY RESPONSE (-10 dB) 25 Hz – 250 Hz
POWER HANDLING, AES (WATT) 900 (3600 peak)
SENSITIVITY (dB SPL / 1 W / 2π) 99.5 dB SPL
LOUDSPEAKERS AND LOADING 2 x 18” woofer, bass reflex loaded
DIMENSIONS, WxHxD 790 x 1255 x 520 mm – 31 1/8” x 49 3/8” x 20 1/2”
NET WEIGHT 85 kg – 187.4 lb
  * calculated using +10 dB crest-factor signal in half-space


TYPE Surround unit with 20° firing down front panel
APPLICATION Small to large size cinemas
FREQUENCY RESPONSE (-10 dB) 57 Hz – 18 kHz
POWER HANDLING, AES (WATT) 250 (1000 peak)
SENSITIVITY (dB SPL / 1 W / 2π) 101.3 dB SPL
MAX SHORT-TERM SPL @ 1 m * 134.4 dB SPL
LOUDSPEAKERS AND LOADING 1 x 10”, bass reflex + 1 x 1” horn loaded compression driver
DIMENSIONS, WxHxD 450 x 500 x 290 mm – 17 3/4” x 19 5/8” x 11 3/8”
NET WEIGHT 22 kg – 48.5 lb
  * calculated using +10 dB crest-factor signal in half-space

Heavy duty tilting bracket for fixing H 102 horns to the bass box. Enabling the horn to be tilted vertically through 15 degrees (in 5° steps). Is fitted to the standard female threads on the top panel of B 215 loudspeakers.

Passive crossover for Movie H 102 Horn

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