Outline Webinars

Livestreaming with the Pros – Davide Linzi e Nicola Mazzotti Pugliese
(Recorded in July 2020)

From CAD to OpenArray 2
(Recorded in June 2020)

WFIR filtering technology
(Recorded in June 2020)

Outline Newton – Hardware Overview
(Recorded in April 2020)

Outline Dashboard Software Overview
(Recorded in April 2020)

Outline Newton on Dashboard Software

Home & Input Pages

Matrix & Output Pages

Clock & I/O Configuration Pages

Links Functions

Groups Function and Custom Panels

EQ with WFIR Technologies

Smaart Integration

Direct Transfer

Outline L3000 – Super Compact Amplifier

1. Outline L3000 on ArmoníaPlus

2. 1st connection

3. Preset Import procedure

Outline L3000 Preset combination

Outline OPENARRAY 2 – 3D Simulation Software

Introduction to OpenArray 2

1. Download & Install

2. Upperbar

3. Drawing on OpenArray

3.1. Create surfaces from cutview

3.2. Surface module

3.3. Vertex module

3.4. From CAD to OpenArray 2

4. Simulation configuration