Of products, and how logo appears on them.


Outline is welcoming its 51st anniversary from incorporation in the current year 2024.

With the celebration of such an important milestone (for the petite, family-owned company that Outline is), a profound redesign of its brand identity has been informed and finalised, sparked by Outline’s renewed interest in a wide range of applications and markets that extend way beyond that of its original products portfolio.

As a result of such deeply-impacting redesign process, the Outline brand now has a new visual logo, which will be gradually implemented at all of Outline’s manifestations before its stakeholders.

As far as products are concerned, here is how it will go down:

· Products developed and introduced after January 30th 2024, will come to life and be made available bearing only the new [•-] logo.

·· Products already existing before January 30th 2024 might, during their lifecycle, be updated to include the new [•–] logo in one or more visible places, depending on a variety of factors such as (but not limited to) supply-chain-management logic, availability of components’ stock, compatibility with production techniques in place either internally and/or at external suppliers of parts, materials and processes. Alternatively, they might potentially exhaust their production status, and fail to make it to the new [•–], before being phased-out of Outline offer.

Related to production capacity at any given moment, given the average size of production batch quantities of any given product, Outline will strive at the best of its ability to keep delivered goods consistent to one or the other logo version, on a per-product, per-order basis.

Shall any purchasing decision heavily depend upon whichever logo version will appear on the delivered products, being how all orders are deemed final (as per Outline’s General Conditions of Sale), we strongly recommend that a formal request is actively addressed to Outline prior to placing any purchasing order.

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