Paolo Calza: Outline’s new Pro Applications Engineer

January 14, 2020

Paolo Calza: Outline’s new Pro Applications Engineer

The latest addition to Outline’s staff is Paolo Calza, an international famous audio engineer, in the role of Pro Applications Engineer and Outline Array Trainer, supporting clients and rental companies worldwide.This professional is now a member of the Brescia company’s team, which as always aims at further improving the services it ensures its clientele and boosting its ground-breaking R&D department.

Paolo, 32 years old, was born in the Marches region of Italy, in a family of musicians, and attended music lessons from a very early age. At the age of 13, he approached the world of music and all its technical aspects. At 16 he began working with rental companies throughout the country. He graduated from Rome’s Saint Louis College of Music as a sound engineer and MIDI programmer and later from the University of Ferrara as a technician specialized in acoustics.

He has collaborated with numerous companies in the pro-audio sector as a technical consultant and over the last 10 years has also concentrated on the acoustic design of loudspeaker systems.
Paolo has considerable experience in the live music field, working regularly on large events and national and international festivals.

In Outline, in the main role of Pro Applications Engineer and Outline Array Trainer, he is also responsible for professional installations and client support in the field.
Paolo has a great passion for snow and skiing, but not many people know he has a licence to drive snowcats!

He states:
I consider every new venture as a steep path to be ‘climbed’ to achieve new goals. I hope to be able to offer my support and experience to Outline, its distributors and its clients worldwide, and manage to communicate them with the same passion that I put into my work. Thanks to Outline and its almost fifty years’ of know-how, it’ll be easier to reach the ‘peak’ and in fact I can’t wait to see the view!

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