Outline processes the Panch Mahotsav festival

January 31, 2020

Outline processes the Panch Mahotsav festival

India: After becoming a Smaart instructor in 2019, sound engineer Rajesh Khade invested in a Newton audio processor by Outline. This has since been used at the Panch Mahotsav festival in India, a five-day festival that celebrates the tribal and cultural heritage of Gujarat.

“With this kind of system format involved, Newton just had to be there,” said Khade. “It makes my work as a system engineer and in-house mix engineer so much easier. It’s a real game-changer and it enabled me to execute the entire event with ease.”

Throughout the festival, Khade used Newton’s Dashboard control software for system tuning. He also stated that all he needed was three outputs from the FOH desk and two inputs were connected to iTunes to play tracks, which directly ran from his MacBook to the Newton via Dante. All eight of the Newton 16+8 outputs were used to provide signal feeds to the delay towers.

“These three console outputs came into my Newton as analogue inputs one, two and three and the entire PA was driven from these inputs with various sends via Newton’s Matrix Mixer,” Khade added. “It is wonderfully intuitive, ensuring easy access and control of all the necessary parameters, including EQ, level, polarity and delay. Not only did this enable me to play songs without having to go to the console, but it made the entire system independent of the mixing desk, letting me change show files in between. I also drove the signal to my delay towers using just one Cat-6 cable with an Audinate Dante AVIO Adapter at the other end, which is something that was possible thanks to the multi-platform capabilities of Newton.”

Info: newton.outline.it

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