Outline Powers Classic Progressive Rock In Slovakia

January 26, 2018

One of only a very few tribute acts working with permission from the original band, the Lithuanian Pink Floyd Project LT brought their recreation of this iconic music to Slovakia in December 2017.

Presented by the TRGOTURS company at the 8,300-capacity Steel Arena in Kosice, the production included all the essential trademarks of a Pink Floyd show including striking video projection and lighting effects, plus of course a superb sound system capable of delivering every nuance of the music.

Gigant Sound Letus
 of Warsaw were the audio contractor for the show and their System Technician Patryk Kozak supervised an Outline loudspeaker system drawn from their extensive inventory. The main left and right arrays comprised 11 GTO C-12 cabinets each, with three Mantas cabinets flown at the base of the arrays for downfills. Twelve more Mantas cabinets were flown each side as side-hangs, another six were arranged along the front of the stage as lip fills and two delay hangs, each comprising six Mantas enclosures, were also deployed. A total of eleven Outline DBS 18-2 subwoofers were used, four each per side in an ‘end-fire’ design plus a central group of three in cardioid configuration.

After the event, Pink Floyd Project LT’s sound engineer Ricardas Baltuonis wrote to Jurek Taborowski, owner of Giant Sound Letus, to express his thanks:

I would like to thank you for your highly professional service and excellent sound during the ‘Pink Floyd Project LT’ concert in Kosice. I am a co-owner of the biggest L-Acoustics rental company in the Baltic countries and therefore I mostly work with L-Acoustics and Clair Bros. This was my first experience with “Outline” loudspeaker systems and I got a really good impression.

Pink Floyd Project LT’s sound engineer, Mr. Ricardas Baltuonis

The venue was acoustically challenging but thanks to your professionalism and outstanding qualities of the Outline loudspeaker systems we managed to achieve excellent results. Thank you very much, hope to collaborate with you again in future!

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