Outline loudspeaker enclosures are Phase Compliant!

March 17, 2020 

Outline loudspeaker enclosures are Phase Compliant!

What does this mean?

It means that from the largest GTO system down to the small VEGAS 24, all Outline products feature the same phase curve slope.
As well as being a characteristic feature of the brand, this also makes life easier for those who are not experts in measurements and aligning different sound sources.
In fact, positioning the enclosures with the front grilles one above the other, the enclosures will be have perfectly time-alignment.

What are the benefits?

• greater system uniformity
• comb filtering is reduced to a minimum
• maximum possible sum of the two sound sources.

The same also holds for subwoofers that are compatible and, above all, are a perfect match for any satellite in the Outline range.
To align two enclosures, it is sufficient to measure the difference in signal path between the subwoofer and the satellite to understand the delay that must be added to obtain the perfect audio signal sum, even if you do not have sophisticated measurement systems.

Below you will see three illustrations with three measurements taken with Outline’s V10 KIT. The two phase curves are perfectly aligned (if the enclosures’ grilles are too) and this means an excellent sum at crossover frequency, as can be seen in the last illustration.

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