Outline grants Audio Link distributor status for Italy

Outline, the Brescia, Italy-based manufacturer of high-performance loudspeaker systems and innovative FPGA-based digital signal processors, has entered into a distribution agreement for the Italian territory with Audio Link, the renown Parma-based pro audio distribution company.

Both companies fueled their start off a strong appetite for technical prowess, and a scientific approach to audio and beyond – from sound reinforcement to signal processing to measurement systems, at which Outline set pace with their ET-Series of programmable turntables, used worldwide at countless research labs.

Incorporating it already in 1973, Outline’s Guido Noselli shared a sizable portion of his technical knowledge with a keen audience of readers through the pages of Italian trade press – just as Stefano Cantadori, who founded Audio Link eleven years later, in 1984, did in his own right (and on that very magazine).

At their onset, Audio Link brought Italy those famous blue-painted British sound reinforcement systems, complementing them with period-best-in-class Midas mixing consoles, Klark-Teknik and BSS electronics, years before these brands kicked-off the first merger-and-acquisition wave in the pro audio industry.

It’s no secret that Outline built, over the years, a more solid following worldwide than on their home turf, for both their high-performance, concert-sound systems, and their FPGA-based digital signal processors; and, if there exists one business associate that can turn their tables now: enter Audio Link!

“Integrating Outline solutions into our portfolio, Audio Link can now offer a complete, highly-trusted audio signal chain of utmost quality and long-term value – with links by Digico, Optocore, Sound Devices, Klang, TiMax, and Waves, to name but a few!”, shares Federico Bianchi, Audio Link’s General Manager.

“Backed by Audio Link’s undisputed tech support, Italian rental operators of any magnitude can now finally turn the superior audio performance of Outline solutions into a strategic advantage – on the entertainment-, business-, and lifestyle events segments”, says Fernando Rey Méndez, Outline’s Sales Director.

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