Outline Delivers Pristine Sound For The Junior Eurovision 2022

March 2, 2023 

Gigant Sound combines several models from its Outline loudspeaker inventory to provide stunning sound for major international musical event

A Europe-wide TV audience of 33 million viewers tuned into the 20th Junior Eurovision Song Contest, held in Armenia, in December 2022. 13 year-old Lissandro from France was crowned the winner in a live broadcast from the Karen Demirchyan Sports and Concerts Complex in the country’s capital city, Yerevan.

The size of the audience in the venue demanded a major sound system and this (plus all the sound crew) was provided by Poznań-based Gigant Sound Letus, whose owner Jurek Taborowski commented, “We provided a large Outline audio system for the event, the main PA clusters comprising a total of 48 GTO C-12 modules with GTO-DF downfills, all hidden from the cameras above the lighting installation, with another hang of C-12 cabinets installed in front of the Green Room platform.”

“Extensive outfill and side delay lines were also used, using 48 Superfly modules, around 60 Mantas boxes (including front fills) and 24 DBS 18-2 subwoofers. Core system processing and control was by Outline’s Newton FPGA processors and the whole system was powered by GTA Otto / X8 and T-Eleven / K10 / K20 amplifiers.”

Armenian TV1 was the main organisation behind the event and their Vahagn Mikayelyan remarked:

“One of the most important goals for the sound system was to provide equal sound all around the hall. As the event was going on in the sports complex we had to find good solutions for a difficult audio environment, which is why we decided to choose the Gigant sound team. Also the JESC show is mainly directed to broadcasting so the speakers had to be invisible to the cameras which affected the sound system design. For all these complicated solutions, the Outline system worked brilliantly.”

Gigant Sound Letus Crew

“In the Outline system we really liked the detailing and the coverage. The broadcast sound was important because of the huge TV audience but we also had to make a comfortable sound for the people in the hall and we got it with the Outline system.”

“We also really liked the system and the staff of Gigant Sound. We made the right choice and I would like to express special thanks to the whole staff of Gigant Sound and the Outline company for making such a good sound system!”

Info: gigantsound.com.pl | junioreurovision.tv

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