Outline appoints new management team

January 27, 2023

Outline appoints new management team

To celebrate this current year as its 50th anniversary since incorporation, Outline has been working behind the scenes to a profound restructuring, which has resulted in the appointment of a new management team.

The new organisation stems from the retirement of Giorgio Biffi from his role of CEO, which he carried in addition to his Head of Sales function, since the passing of founder Guido Noselli, whom he had joined already in 1976.

“Giorgio has undoubtedly driven Outline’s success on a worldwide scale during his 47 year-long tenure – which is why it wasn’t exactly easy to find a suitable candidate to replace him”, says Michele Noselli, majority shareholding partner together with his brother Stefano – who adds from his own voice: “It explains how we came to appoint not one, but two younger guys, as a team, in order to keep up with Giorgio’s own pace, willing to grow Outline to lead tomorrow’s technological challenge”, says Stefano Noselli.

Director of Sales‘ function has been appointed to Fernando Rey Méndez, the insider specialist who had joined Outline as sales engineer at the end of 2016, to later add to his tasks that of Outline Newton’s Business Development Manager, and that of Sales Manager for Outline’s Test & Measurement Instruments division. A native of Buenos Aires, in Italy since his early teens, Fernando forged his professional sound engineering skills with Italian musical theatre company Compagnia della Rancia, thereafter serving as startup- and commissioning engineer in the integration market for naval specialists Wärtsilä, Seastema and Videlio-HMS.

Industry-veteran Daniele Tebaldi will now lead Outline as General Manager, following the collaboration that started between them at the beginning of 2022. Daniele cut his teeth as a sound engineer already in mid ’80s, developing a keen ear to jazz and classical music after touring at FOH mix for Paolo Conte, then adding to his professional career that of technical journalist and copywriter, prior to lecturing in audio engineering classes, before a 25-year stint at the helm of German manufacturer d&b audiotechnik’s Italian subsidiary.

“There’s a great opportunity beyond, and a hard lesson to be learned from, the changes that the world went through, in the aftermath of the 2020 COVID pandemic”, continues Stefano Noselli. “My senior brother Michele and myself reacted with a strong determination to pursue change in our business, which has to date pretty much remained the same family-owned, family-driven small company that our late father Guido started in 1973.”

“Celebrating Outline’s 50th anniversary this year”, continues Michele Noselli, “seems like the perfect occasion to up the ante, by renewing our commitment to a brighter, stronger Outline for the years to come – turning change into a most powerful advocate. This isn’t a farewell to Giorgio, as he remains a shareholding partner within Outline’s board, though nonetheless this feels like the right picture, in which to frame our ‘thank you, Giorgio!’ for his relentless drive of Outline’s business”.

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