One Year of Covid: Sergio Castellitto Reading at Hospital Event in Italy Heard via Outline System

March 15, 2021

One Year of Covid: Sergio Castellitto Reading at Hospital Event in Italy Heard via Outline System

GENOA, Italy – On the terrace of Genoa’s San Martino Polyclinic, a hospital serving Italy’s Liguria region, an Outline loudspeaker system amplified the reading by Italian actor and film director Sergio Castellitto. The event, which included a performance by a string quintet from the Carlo Felice Theatre, reflected on the devastating effects of the Coronavirus pandemic one year after its appearance in Italy.

Castellitto read some passages of the book ”Una lezione da non dimenticare” (A lesson not to be forgotten), written by the director of the Infectious Disease Clinic of Genoa’s San Martino Polyclinic, Matteo Bassetti, with journalist Martina Maltagliati. Participants included the Liguria Region’s top authorities, such as Governor Giovanni Toti and Genoa’s mayor Marco Bucci.

Show Technologies TM from Recco (Genoa) supplied the audio setup for the special event, which included five Outline Vegas 12 CX point-source enclosures.

Show Technologies TM partner Sacha Bozzo explains, “The brief was to reproduce Castellitto’s speech with the utmost clarity, but without foregoing the right amount of ‘body’ on the mid-low frequencies. This is why we opted for the use of Outline Vegas 12 CX, a system that’s a real ‘problem solver’, compact but ‘full-range’ and able to ensure a remarkable SPL:feedback ratio. To keep a uniform overall sonic timbre we decided to field the Vegas 12 CX for both the main PA (2 systems) and artistes’ monitoring, with 3 systems. It was an intensely moving experience for us too, as we couldn’t wait to mount a real PA! There was no lack of appreciation for the quality of the sound reproduction.”

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