More Hybrid Powered Solutions From Outline – Making Life Even Easier For User / Operators

July 1, 2020 

Outline have announced further additions to their well-respected V-Series range of portable loudspeakers. Designed specifically for users who transport and operate their own sound systems, the V-Series now comprises five separate pre-configured rigs, all of which major on speed and simplicity of setup, ease of transport and superb audio quality.

Outline’s Hybrid Powered Kits – Less Plug, More Play from Outline s.r.l. | on Vimeo.

From the super-compact V6.5 kit (weighing under 40kg for the complete system, which will fit comfortably in the back of a small car but which has a maximum power output of 3,000w) through to the mighty V15 kit which pumps out 12,000 watts while still an easy one-man lift, there is V-Series kit to suit virtually any portable application. Equally applicable to bands, solo musicians, presenters, entertainers, comedians, DJs and many other user-operators, Outline’s V-Series offers the opportunity to step up to truly pro-audio performance at an extremely attractive price point.

Outline’s V-Series systems (like all their products) are 100% made in Italy from top-grade components. Very unusually at this price point, all the loudspeaker enclosures feature high quality birch ply construction (NOT plastic), finished in a super-tough polyurea coating, in fact the same materials and finishes as Outline’s flagship touring systems. These factors help deliver the class-leading audio quality and long working life for which Outline’s products are recognised globally and which help set these systems far apart from the competition at this price level.

The V-Series also shares its ‘sonic fingerprint’ with the rest of the Outline range, so if you need to augment your own system with additional gear for larger events, it’s easy to add extra units. Best of all, and despite their incredible power, audio quality and versatility, Outline’s V-Series are genuine ‘plug and play’ solutions – the absolute minimum of connections and adjustments to make before you get on with your performance.

If you have to carry and operate your own sound system then take a close look at the V-Series from Outline – there’s no better way of taking your talent to an audience.

V10 kit assembly

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