Major Southern US Church Upgrades To Outline

January 25, 2024

“Truly, a church deserving of the best.”

Atlanta, USA — World Changers Church International (WCCI) was founded in 1981 by the renowned author, conference speaker and bible teacher Creflo Dollar and remains a leader within the local, national and international community, providing simple, practical teaching and understanding of the Bible. It is a thriving Christian worship center which in 1995 moved to its present location, the 8,500-seat World Dome in the suburbs of Atlanta, Georgia.

In 2021, during the global Covid-19 pandemic which forced the closure of many churches, Jason Farah of Outline US was approached by WCCI who expressed a need to upgrade their existing sound system.

Although it was a flagship product from a major brand the sound team felt that the audio throughout the large sanctuary could be improved – their initial inclination was to remain with that brand but they were also aware of Outline and asked Jason to undertake some room modeling with 3D modeling software from both companies.

Jason comments, “I have served as WCCI’s audio consultant for many years, providing onsite service and maintenance all the while. The Dome at WCCI is a rather large sanctuary (even by American standards) – their worship style is contemporary R&B-influenced Gospel music, and their pastor is one of the best I have ever heard. Truly, this is a church deserving of the best.”

“Seeing what they saw on the simulations was convincing in itself, but knowing that I will always tell them the unvarnished truth, I told them of my personal experiences with Outline and in particular its performance in similar circumstances compared to their existing brand. Subsequently, on the basis of the trust in our relationship and the clear advantages of the Outline system indicated by the simulations, they engaged me and Jeffrey Cox to design and install an Outline system for them.”

“WCCI’s new Outline system comprises four GTO cabinets at the top of the arrays for the long-throw, four GTO C-12 in the middle for the medium range, and four Mantas 28 at the bottom of the arrays for the nearfield. Additionally, four GTO-SUBs in a cardioid configuration, complemented by three backward-facing Mantas 28 to cover the upstage choir area, are also suspended. The amazing Outline Open Array simulation software was flawless in its prediction and when we ultimately deployed the system it performed exactly as predicted, with minimal additional electronic corrections, covering the 8,500-seat room perfectly

“The expansive under-balcony space was covered with Vegas 24 speakers, which provided truly seamless coverage throughout that space. To this day, they are still raving how this little box made such a big difference in the worship experience throughout the entire listening space – it also demonstrates how easily different Outline loudspeakers can be combined to create a bespoke solution for a given application.

“Although the simulation software indicated that our design would cover the sanctuary well, the actual result was WAY beyond our expectations. I’ve worked with Outline products for many years, and to this day, the results still amaze me!”

George Kelly is the Front Of House Audio Engineer at WCCI and he commented, “I’m most impressed with the clarity and stereo imaging. While I give credit to the DiGiCo SD7, I find it very easy to mix on the Outline boxes. I find myself making small incremental adjustments, as opposed to a 4 or 5dB jump just to get a vocal or instrument to be heard.”

“I’ve been approached by many parishioners, saying the [Vegas 24] under balcony speakers sound incredible. The entrance to the sanctuary starts under the balcony area, so I feel so confident when members and visitors enter knowing that they will be met with a warm, clean, punchy sound.”

“On several occasions I’ve been told that while in worship the mix can be strongly felt but not overpowering. Even to the point that you are able to have a conversation with the person next to you without yelling.”

Jeffrey Cox sums up the project: “The client is thrilled with the results we provided them, but the best compliments always come from the lay-people (like the ushers, or parishioners) who comment, ‘I don’t know what you did. All I know is, I’ve never heard the music, nor the pastor’s message as good as I hear it now’. Those comments are proof that we served the church to our very best ability.”

The installation services at WCCI were expertly provided by SES Integration, based in Concord, North Carolina.

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