First Festival chooses Outline

July 6 , 2017

First Festival was launched in 2013 at Genoa’s “Stadium”, and immediately became a key event on the Italian club culture scenario, as it was the first real festival in Genoa entirely dedicated to EDM. Among its headliners, the event has hosted artistes of the calibre of Chris Liebing, Sven Väth, Jeff Mills, Nina Kraviz and Josh Wink, while the headliners at the last edition included Loco Dice, with the support of Marco Faraone.

Once again this year, the organizers confirmed Show Technologies TM of Recco (Genoa) as the rental company for the supply of the Outline sound rig.

Sacha Bozzo of Show Technologies TM explains, “The rig, with a stereo format, consisted in twelve Butterfly systems per side, approximately 14 metres apart and flown at a height of 11 metres from the ground. The grid from which we flew the hardware was very large, so the load capacity for each intersection was just 100 kilos. By adding just one reinforcement beam we managed to realize two clusters with an overall weight for each group of enclosures – including cables and array frames – of less than 500 kilos. In spite of the light weight, we obtained excellent coverage, in terms of both SPL and frequency response, for an audience area 60 metres deep and 30 wide. For the prime file closest to the stage we used 10 Mantas systems (with a configuration of 3+1+1+1+1+3) positioned directly on the ground-installed subwoofers. There were also six Subtech 218 below the main left and main right hangs, plus eight DBS 18-2 subwoofers evenly distributed between them; the VIP area on the other hand was covered by two clusters, each of which consisted in three Mantas modules.”

The technicians had no particular difficulties with the system’s set-up and fine tuning: “Considering the venue’s dimensions and the type of music being amplified, I think the location has good acoustics. Reverberation times are quite uniform – between 1 and 2 seconds. Since it is a sports venue, there are 4 stands, one on each side of the field. For the First Festival, the stage was positioned opposite the East stand. If the system is not aimed extremely carefully, the result is a second system, obstinately pointing in the opposite direction. Fortunately the Outline Butterfly is really directive and, foregoing a little high frequency on the last 3 or 4 metres of the audience area, the sound on the stage was natural and free from reflections”, continued Bozzo.

Following numerous e-mails with the headliner’s management, every technical aspect was considered in detail by the producer, the promoter (RST Events) and Show Technologies TM.

“We found them helpful experienced interlocutors and produced the material that was requested, including detailed equipment list and an acoustic simulation. We were not asked to make any changes, neither when we presented the project, nor at the sound-check and, if I remember correctly, not even during the show. I think everybody was at least as satisfied as us”, added Bozzo.

He concludes: “We used Outline Open Array 3D for the acoustic simulation. We consider it an easy tool to use, intuitive, rapid and above all realistic. Perhaps I shouldn’t say this here, but I’ve also used it with products by other manufacturers. It was for a simulation for the low frequencies and, even if SPL and frequency response were obviously not reliable, it was nevertheless very useful for the configuration of the subwoofers.”

Giancarlo ‘Jerry’ Paladini, the event’s PA man, states: “This is the sixth consecutive First Festival I’ve worked on as PA man. Once again this year, using Open Array 3D software, we were able to simulate with remarkable precision, which enabled us to arrive at the venue and install the rig without taking any measurements. The sound was very clean, whereas the sound pressure level – I’d swear to this – was almost 130 dB SPL. The set-up worked without any kind of stress and with an ample dynamic headroom. This doesn’t happen frequently…the ideal situation.”

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