A-Live, Danley Labs and Outline’s Newton

July 14, 2022

A-Live, Danley Labs and Outline’s Newton

Based in Glasgow, A-Live Sound Ltd are a full-service audio provider, supplying equipment, crew, production management and expertise for a wide range of live events, as well as offering permanently-installed audio solutions for venues, bars, clubs and restaurants.

They are also a UK dealer for Danley Sound Labs and employ products from Danley’s range across numerous live events and installs. Martijn Van Renterghem is their lead system engineer – the company was an early adopter of Outline’s unique Newton platform and Martin explains why:

“We quickly noticed we needed a system processor for our Danley systems that would give us more localised control and signal path distribution. After a lot of research, we ended up investing in one Outline Newton 16+8 processor around 4 years ago.”

“Because we are using a lot of different point source speakers in different configurations, we need the best filters available to perfectly time and phase align all of them – Newton opened that door for us and we never looked back. With its modern, intuitive GUI it is also easy to use for less experienced sound engineers. After personally using Lake System processing for 10+ years, the Newton really changed my way of running PA systems.”

“As A-Live now we’re using the Newton at the heart of our control rack, connecting and synchronising all house and visiting consoles through Dante, AES and analogue, then sending all outputs via Dante 96kHz and AES fallback to our DNA20K4 amplifiers. The ability to keep the signal path completely digital is amazing and really helps with the complexity and quality of the whole PA system.”

A-Live director Iain Mackie also notes the reliability, scalability and redundancy in the Newton means “…you never worry about the FOH system missing a beat. The combination of Danley and the Outline Newton results in such a clean and honest audio system which you can scale to any size of audience very quickly and efficiently.”

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