Outline WFIR: EQ-ing the future.

December 16, 2019 

Outline WFIR: EQ-ing the future.

Among the tools provided for engineers by Newton is an outstanding, innovative EQ filtering technology, patented by Outline, called WFIR.

How does WFIR differ from FIR filters?

FIR filters, which readers will be familiar with, operate on the frequency range in a linear manner, offering good resolution at high frequencies, but inherently limited resolution at lower frequencies.

WFIR filters (the “W” stands for “warped”) are able to maintain high filtering resolution over the entire audio range, including the low frequencies. This technology operates on a semi-logarithmic scale, similar to the nature of human hearing, avoiding the limits of multirate FIR technology as far as latency added to the signal processing is concerned, and vastly improving the accuracy of EQ filters.

Moreover, thanks to the WFIR technology, “raised cosine” filters, well known for providing more accurate and effective equalization control, can be adopted.

How much computing power does WFIR technology require?

From the point of view of computing power, WFIR filters require up to 3 times the power necessary for traditional FIR filters, but provide up to 10 times more precision and resolution on mid-low frequencies.

Based around a single, high power FPGA processor, Outline Newton provides the ideal ecosystem in which to express the WFIR filters’ clear superiority.

Can the difference be heard?

Many statements have been made by sound engineers and system engineers, bearing witness to the obvious advantage in terms of the EQ function’s precision and resolution when WFIR technology is adopted, no matter what brand of sound system is used. Apart from subjective perception and personal sensations, the graphs provided by Audio Precision (the absolute reference point for digital audio measurement) leave no room for interpretative doubt.

For those wanting more in-depth info: https://newton.outline.it

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