Globe Source Radiator


Presenting the Ultimate
Omnidirectional Sound Source

The Outline Globe Source Radiator (GSR) is a high-power omnidirectional sound source that offers unique performance and features in relation to contemporary products.


Outline GSR-SUBEX1
A dedicated self-powered subwoofer kit is available as an option

The GSR is available as a part of a complete user-ready kit (the GSR-KIT1), comprising a GSR, a dedicated small footprint amplifier (Outline’s L3000), an NG01 Noise Generator plus the necessary cables, a transportation bag and a set of mounting accessories, providing a portable setup ready for immediate deployment. A dedicated self-powered subwoofer kit (Outline GSR-SUBEX1) is also available and is suitable for applications where measurements of low frequency data are required.

The perfectly spherical and physically robust design of the GSR provides a superbly homogeneous sound field and also eliminates reflections at plane surfaces as well as diffractions. Its extremely compact dimensions and specially shaped loudspeaker membranes assure perfect isotropic directivity.

The GSR is the first spherical loudspeaker to include a ‘bass-reflex’ enclosure concept. This type of loading facilitates significantly higher SPLs and extension of the low frequency response, whilst also improving the cooling of the transducers. The loudspeaker membranes’ excursion is also limited at the resonant frequency, thus ensuring enhanced reliability and a longer working life.

This new version of the GSR features Ergal aluminium alloy mechanics throughout.
Ergal is characterised by excellent mechanical resistance, the best among all conventional aluminium alloys, creating an even more resistant and robust structure, while considerably reducing its weight for easier handling.


The GSR is crafted out of top quality void-free birch ply and finished in super-tough polyurea coating technology, exactly the same as our flagship loudspeaker systems.

The GSR design includes twelve specially designed 5” transducers that feature high power-to-size ratio Neodymium magnets with additional ferrofluid cooling, thus increasing thermal power dissipation and making it possible for the GSR to handle up to double the power of conventional loudspeakers. 

Thanks to these features, the GSR offers very high tolerance to both continuous and short-term peaks in comparison to contemporary units. This makes it the ideal choice for accurate measurements in performance venues such as theatres and opera houses, in addition to its industrial capabilities as a reliable, high power workhorse noise source for testing insulation in modern buildings, automotive industry, test laboratories and numerous other applications.


GSR’s Key Points:

100% designed, engineered and manufactured in Italy by Outline; tested, approved and certified by the Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering at the prestigious Brescia University in Lombardy region.

* * *

The GSR is capable of producing a maximum SPL of over 130 dB, a figure far in advance of any other comparable product presently available. This is achieved through the use of a remarkable 5” transducer design, created exclusively for this product in collaboration with a prestigious Italian speaker manufacturer and which facilitates extremely high volume levels from a spherical loudspeaker only 31 cm in diameter.

* * *

The GSR is the ONLY truly spherical loudspeaker of this type available today. This unique design eliminates diffractions, reflections and other anomalies caused by non-spherical radiators, which can compromise the accuracy of data measurement.

* * *

The GSR is also the only product of this kind to feature reflex ports, which not only extend the frequency response of the device but which also assist with thermal dissipation in use.

* * *

The GSR uses the same durable materials and finish as our touring loudspeaker systems, road-proven to provide a long working life.

* * *

A proprietary Outline DSP-equipped amplifier, the L3000 is the perfect companion for the GSR. It includes not only plentiful power to drive the entire enclosure but also advanced onboard DSP for precise control.

* * *

A complete GSR ‘package’ (the GSR-KIT1) is now available. It includes a GSR, an L3000 DSP amplifier, an NG01 Noise Generator, the necessary cables, a transportation bag and a set of mounting accessories which makes this unique acoustic measurement tool very cost-effective.


Key features

Compact and lightweight omni-directional sound source
* * *
Total Power Handling: 1000 W RMS | 4000 W peak
* * *
Thermal management by physical venting and ferro-fluid cooling
* * *
ISO10140, ISO354, ISO3382 and DIN 52210 compliant
* * *

Maximum Sound Power: 130.3 dB re 1 pW
* * *
Perfectly spherical shape (eliminates diffraction and reflection)
* * *
Four independent channels for maximum amplifier and DSP control
* * *
An optional powered subwoofer (Outline GSR-SUBEX1) extends Outline GSR’s frequency response if required

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