Hot Tracks #07

Written, produced, and recorded by: Clemens Bacher
Engineered by: Sam Irl and Sixtus Preiss
Mastered by: Paul Movahedi
Published by: LuckyMe Records, 2022

And now for something different…

Songs for Vienna wraps into one title what went previously published in an album named Songs of Vienna, and a handful of singles released on the go.

It is quite a finding, Songs For Vienna… when needing to demonstrate high-performance loudspeaker systems at high SPL to an electronica setting, or audience, its sound gestalt feels more like an ultimate weapon, than “another EDM-styled bunch of tracks”.

Songs For Vienna is built on tight rhythm patterns, fragmented samples, meticulously crafted envelopes and ambience, along with full-fledged synthetic horns sections, crossing all borders between “IDM, pop, house, vaporwave, and jazz” (which is where John D. Buchanan puts him, on TiVo).

It is majestically arranged, and mixed, and mastered, to precisely deliver massive energy throb, intertwined with plenty of breaks, stop-overs, and spectrum-partials, waiting for sonic mayhem to erupt, wrecking dynamic limits full-blast.

The mastermind behind Cid Rim moniker is Vienna’s native Clemens Bacher, born in 1985, grown up in a musical family, his father a jazz trumpeter active on local scene… Clemens starts studying piano at six, switches to drums at fourteen, to enrol himself at the Music Conservatory, jazz drums class, after his high-school diploma.

Since almost a decade, Cid Rim productions appear on the LuckyMe label, which was originally founded in Glasgow, Scotland, then migrated to London, where they direct both the recording label and design studio business on international markets, via subsidiaries in Edinburgh, Los Angeles, Montreal and New York… where Cid Rim / Clemens Bacher serves as producer for other artists on LuckyMe’s roster.

All the most actual ingredients are in Songs For Vienna: there’s AutoTune on vocals, analogue synths solos with wobbling tuning accuracy (or lack thereof), reverbs set in the song like if they were designed like in storyboard of their own, all wrapped in a tight, tighter, tightest uptempo beat… there’s all it takes, nothing less – and nothing more!

What’s peculiar of it, and (in a certain way) the common denominator with other albums presented here on Hot Tracks, is how the sound choices on which it is built become the vector transporting listeners to an unknown destination, one at which all previous definitions of genre seem just trite, obvious, passé…

Sound speaks, in a language of its own and yet oh-so universal – and sometimes it shouts so loud, without ever piercing your ears, in the case of Songs For Vienna, that no matter how loud you wanna play it, you would easily subscribe into any notion of louder.

With the right sort of loudspeaker system, it’s worth to keep a (thoroughly checked and proofed) SPL meter within reading distance: we can’t guarantee you’ll want to keep your eyes open, but warmly suggest you to do that, at regular intervals, in order to protect your most precious sense ever: hearing!

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