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Founded by Guido Noselli in 1973 Outline is, and has always been, a privately-owned company. We do not have any institutional or corporate shareholders, neither do we rely on venture capital or other investors who might influence us or our decisions. All the owners of Outline are directly involved in the day-to-day business of our company.

Outline Head Offices

What does this mean to you? First and foremost it means that any current or prospective client is free to speak and meet with the people who control the business: the people who actually make the strategic decisions about products, markets, technology, distribution, long-term direction, sales, marketing and any other topic that affects us and our partners.

Outline’s Board of Directors: Michele Noselli, Giorgio Biffi, Stefano Noselli

Our management and administration structure is lean and flexible because we want to stay free of unnecessary barriers between us and our customers. We will never expect a customer to communicate with us via layers of middle management, corporate climbers or poorly-informed sales people.

This approach allows us to compete effectively with manufacturers who are larger than us, because they usually do not have the ability to work as closely as we do with our distributors and clients. The fact that we are agile and able to react quickly when needed gives us and our clients all over the world a major operational advantage.

Our international sales and distribution partners are chosen with great care, and many of them have worked with us for decades. When you speak with them you speak with us, and they are fully empowered to represent our company and products in their respective territories.

Nothing is more important to us than our customers. In a world dominated by huge, faceless corporations, our customers enjoy their relationships with us because we are accessible to them, always ready to listen, learn and create new opportunities for us to grow together.

Name: Outline s.r.l.
Founder: Guido Noselli (1946 – 2006)
Established: 1973
Ownership – Board Of Directors: Michele Noselli – Stefano Noselli – Giorgio Biffi
Head Office: Via Leonardo Da Vinci 56 – 25020 Flero (Brescia), Northern Italy
Business: Italian manufacturer of high-end Loudspeaker Systems for the Concert and Installation industry
Area of company premises: 4,200 sq.m. total, of which:

  • 400 sq.m. for offices and demo room,
  • 200 sq.m. for R&D labs,
  • 800 sq.m. for warehouse,
  • 1,800 sq.m. for production, testing and maintenance,
  • 1,000 sq.m. for external units, CNC carpentry shop, pre-assembly.

Outline Showreel
Take a look at some of the projects, people and places that rely on Outline’s Experiential Engineering around the world.


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