Technology, Design And Manufacturing

All of our loudspeaker systems comply with three most elemental principles:• they are developed in-house by our own R&D team, and manufactured at Outline’s premises;• their design is informed by real-world, best-in-class engineering- and application expertise;• they obey the laws of physics that link the propagation of sound to how acoustic spaces behave. GTO is a stunningly […]

What we do

We design and manufacture quite an extended range of loudspeaker systems for professional applications. We pride ourselves to run our operation entirely based on our internal production – because that’s the only way we can guarantee to retain our focus on simply making the best products we possibly can. Every element of the research, design, […]

Who we are

Outline was incorporated in 1973, sparked by a manufacturing vision initially focused on audio electronics. Not at all incidentally, in those years Outline was the Italian distributor of prestigious loudspeakers brands, laboratory-grade audio design- and measurement tools – and it ran a specialist mail-order bookshop of acoustics- and audio publications, served with a rich offer of […]

Outline: full power – and glory!

Outline is based in Flero, near Brescia, in Lombardy region, a relevant territory in the technology-driven portion of the European economy (learn more). The whole operation runs (exquisitely, and exclusively) from here – R&D and engineering departments, wood shop, assembly, warehousing and administration. Outline was incorporated in 1973, sparked by a manufacturing vision initially focused […]

intro: what-wise

Guido Noselli founded Outline in 1973; fifty years later, you’ve just found out that it is younger than ever: because the heritage he left us with is the unflinching respect for knowledge, and the passion for research that fuels Outline sound vision today. Since its inception, Outline relentlessly strives to elevate your audience engagement by delivering […]

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