New Software And Firmware Updates Keep Outline’s Newton In A Global Class Of One.

Continued development of the Italian company’s patented WFIR filter design results in even greater EQ resolution, while other updates extend the unit’s capabilities, compatibility and control options. As Outline’s extraordinary, patented Newton continues to rewrite the rulebook for advanced sound system signal processing, the latest updates to the Dashboard application (software v1.9.4 and firmware v0.97) include enhancements […]

Outline update: major revision of preset library (now with Manufacturer EQ)

Thanks to a massive process of revision, optimisation and overall re-adjustment, the preset library for Outline loudspeaker systems powered by amplifiers of both the GTA and TTM platforms has recently been upgraded and enriched by numerous Manufacturer EQ functions, bespoke to both point-source and line-array products of every range and series. There’s an immediate substantial improvement within easy reach of all users, which makes for […]

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