Hot Tracks #09

Artist: Exit NorthAlbum: Anyway, StillPublished: April 14, 2023Label: Exit NorthProduced by: Exit NorthRecorded by: Charles StormRecorded at: Cloudchamber & Tonkontrol, GöteborgAssistant engineer at Tonkontrol: Åke LintonMixed by: Charles Storm & Exit North at Cloudchamber, GöteborgMastered by: Seigen Ono at Saidera Mastering, Tokyo Ulf Jansson: Piano & KeyboardsCharles Storm: Backing Vocals & VariousSteve Jansen: Backing Vocals […]

Hot Tracks #08

Artist: Nik Bärtsch’s RoninAlbum: AwasePublished: March 4th, 2018Label: ECM RecordsProduced by: Manfred EicherRecorded by: Gérard de Haro, Nicolas BaillardRecorded at: Studios La Buissonne, Pernes-les-Fontaines (F)Mixed by: Gérard de Haro, Nicolas BaillardMastered by: Gérard de Haro, Nicolas Baillard Nik Bärtsch: pianoSha: bass clarinet, alto saxophoneThomy Jordi: bassKaspar Rast: drums Nik Bärtsch’s Ronin (hereafter referred to as […]

Hot Tracks #07

Written, produced, and recorded by: Clemens BacherEngineered by: Sam Irl and Sixtus PreissMastered by: Paul MovahediPublished by: LuckyMe Records, 2022 And now for something different… Songs for Vienna wraps into one title what went previously published in an album named Songs of Vienna, and a handful of singles released on the go. It is quite […]

Hot Tracks #06

Esbjörn Svensson Trio: Good Morning Susie Soho(Act Music, 2000) Artist: Esbjörn Svensson TrioAlbum: Good Morning Susie SohoPublished: September 1st, 2000Label: ACT MusicProduced by: Esbjörn Svensson TrioRecorded: March – April 2000Recorded at: Atlantis Studios, Stockhom (SE)Engineered by: Janne HanssonMastered by: Johan Ekelund at Stereolab in June 2000 Esbjörn Svensson: pianoDan Berglund: double bassMagnus Öström: drums Shortened […]

Hot Tracks #05

Paul Giger: ars moriendi(ECM New Series, 2022) Artist: Paul GigerAlbum: ars moriendiPublished: August 26th, 1992Label: ECM Records / ECM New SeriesAn ECM ProductionRecorded January 2015Chiesa Bianca, Maloja (Chantun Grischun, CH)Tonmeister: Peter LängerGuggisberglied recorded 2021 in Walenstadt (St. Gallen, CH) Paul Giger: Violin, Violino d’amoreMarie-Louise Dähler: Harpsichord, Positive OrganPudi Lehmann: Gongs, Singing Bowls, Conch Shell, Frame […]

Hot Tracks #04

Artist: Rage Against The MachineAlbum: Rage Against The MachinePublished: November 3rd, 1992Label: Epic / Sony Music EntertainmentProduced by: Garth “GGGarth” Richardson, Rage Against The MachineRecorded by: Stan Katayama, GGGarth, Auburn BurellAssisted by: Craig Doubet, Jeff SheehanMixed by: Andy WallaceMastered by: Bob LudwigRecorded at: Sound City Studios (Van Nuys, CA), Industrial Recording (North Hollywood, CA), Scream […]

Hot Tracks #03

James Taylor: Live(Columbia Records / Sony Music, 1993) Artist: James TaylorAlbum: LivePublished: 1993Label: Columbia Records / Sony MusicProduced by: Don Grolnick and George MassenburgRecorded live by: Nathaniel Kunkel.Concert sound by: John Godenzi (FOH) and Randy Hutson (MON).Mixed by: George Massenburg Mixed at: Electric Lady Studios (New York, NY) and Record One (Los Angeles, CA)Mastered by: […]

Hot Tracks #02

Michael Ruff: Speaking in Melodies(Sheffield Lab, 1992) Artist: Michael RuffAlbum: Speaking in MelodiesPublished: 1992Label: Sheffield Lab.Recorded and Mixed (live) by: George MassenburgMastered by: Doug SaxProduced by: Clair MarloRecorded live to two-track at: Oceanway Studios (Los Angeles, CA) Michael Ruff: lead vocals, piano, organ B-3Dean Parks: acoustic guitar (trk 3-4, 9-10), guitar (trk 2)Henrik Janson: cello […]

Hot Tracks #01

Glauco Venier: Suite per Pier Paolo (Artesuono, 2022) Artist: Glauco VenierAlbum: Suite per Pier PaoloPublished: June 24, 2022Label: Artesuono RecordingProduced by: Stefano AmerioRecorded by: Stefano AmerioRecorded at: Artesuono Studios (Udine, IT)Mixed by: Stefano AmerioMastered by: Stefano Amerio Glauco Venier: pianoAlba Nacinovich: vocals, harmonizer, loopFrancesco Diodati: electric guitarMarcello Allulli: tenor sax, soprano sax the late Pier Paolo […]

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