Something’s changed: a glance behind [•–] new advertisements.

Filippo Centenari, the yin-yang master of [•–] Centrostile, interviews Luca Botturi, the [•–] Centrostile’s yang-yin master, on topic advertisements and advertising – indeed he’s entitled to such line of enquiry, having joined the Centrostile party only after the latest ad campaign had already been conceived and published.  Disclaimer: despite our best effort to avoid it, […]

Outline’s new sightline: brand identity (pt. III)

Sound, as living matter, typically behaves in an ever changing, constantly evolving fashion: not just because its very nature in air is made of continuous variations of molecules’ density, oscillating between compression and rarefaction (thus generating the “sound waves” most commonly associated to acoustic stimuli), but because any audible construct has a fundamental relationship with […]

Outline’s new sightline: brand identity (pt. II)

There’s more than the mere visible component, what’s commonly referred to as “[visual] logo”, within Outline’s new brand identity: a whole world’s situated on the other side of the looking glass, governed by the auditory sense – enter the aural realm, the audible signature of Outline’s brand identity. It realises a two-fold unity that includes both […]

Outline’s new sightline: brand identity (pt. I)

In our quest to an alternative celebration of our 51st anniversary, Outline’s new sightline activities have triggered a comprehensive redesign of our brand identity. It all started with the visual logo, which – although lightly retouched in different occasions at non-regular intervals – had kept faithful to its original gestalt and shape for the past […]

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