Outline: full power – and glory!

Outline is based in Flero, near Brescia, in Lombardy region, a relevant territory in the technology-driven portion of the European economy (learn more). The whole operation runs (exquisitely, and exclusively) from here – R&D and engineering departments, wood shop, assembly, warehousing and administration. Outline was incorporated in 1973, sparked by a manufacturing vision initially focused […]

[WARNING: What you see might NOT be what you get!]

IMPORTANT NOTICE ON PRODUCTS’ APPEARANCE • PLEASE READ! Outline is welcoming its 51st anniversary from incorporation in the current year 2024. With the celebration of such an important milestone (for the petite, family-owned-and-run operation that Outline are), a profound overhaul of their brand identity has been instructed and finalised, sparked by Outline’s renewed interest in […]

Outline’s new sightline:
brand identity (pt. lll)

Sound, as living matter, typically behaves in an ever changing, constantly evolving fashion: not just because its very nature in air is made of continuous variations of molecules’ density, oscillating between compression and rarefaction (thus generating the “sound waves” most commonly associated to acoustic stimuli), but because any audible construct has a fundamental relationship with […]

Outline’s new sightline:
brand identity (pt. II)

There’s more than the mere visible component, what’s commonly referred to as “[visual] logo”, within Outline’s new brand identity: a whole world’s situated on the other side of the looking glass, governed by the auditory sense – enter the aural realm, the audible signature of Outline’s brand identity. It realises a two-fold unity that includes both […]

intro: pretty·actual

Reach deeper, cut straight across the surface: whether it’s products, or applications, there’s always something cooking – which may inspire your current (or next) project, with a goal in sight, driven by [•–] sound vision.


Outline solutions and systems are literally installed and deployed the world over, and we take great pride in the work of our Partners and Users that make this possible – day in, day out, delivering the full [•-] sound vision. We can’t name all venues, and installations, and events, as it would make a too-long […]

DJ·Pro-405 Anniversary Mixer

A limited edition of a timeless classic, revived from its original design of early ’90s, at the pinnacle of the analogue civilization, Outline DJ·Pro-405 Anniversary is a faithful recreation of the iconic DJ mixer. While we were investigating about a potential DJ mixer in the digital realm, we came to realise that there’s no shortage […]


Head on to the full story in the /aura section of kapeesh, the other part of [•–]’s looking-glass new website!

intro: when-wise

Tracing Outline’s path through 5 decades results in an easy, uncomplicated task: it has always been at the forefront of concert sound and bespoke installations, at the junction where accuracy in audio response rhymes with sonic elation and dependable engineering. A casual search across our archive through the ages returns not only a who’s who […]

intro: what-wise

Guido Noselli founded Outline in 1973; fifty years later, you’ve just found out that it is younger than ever: because the heritage he left us with is the unflinching respect for knowledge, and the passion for research that fuels Outline sound vision today. Since its inception, Outline relentlessly strives to elevate your audience engagement by delivering […]

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