Technology, Design And Manufacturing

All of our loudspeaker systems comply with three most elemental principles:
• they are developed in-house by our own R&D team, and manufactured at Outline’s premises;
• their design is informed by real-world, best-in-class engineering- and application expertise;
• they obey the laws of physics that link the propagation of sound to how acoustic spaces behave.

GTO is a stunningly capable line array system featuring Outline’s patented Dual Parabolic waveguide

Over the last five decades we have crafted a plethora of proprietary designs into unique Outline products. These include the V-Power front baffle concept (which has often been copied, though in facts never really equalled), the patented D.P.R.W.G. Dual Parabolic Reflective Waveguide that make for the extraordinary power of our line-source systems, and the outstanding FPGA-based NEWTON signal engine – a most advanced multi-source audio processor (patented technology) that warrants audio-visual digital signal transport to the next level of control, synchronization, and reliability.

Everything is built here, in Italy, by our own team, under our own quality control logic. 
A solid proof of this attention to engineering lies with the fact that, among all Outline systems in daily use with touring sound companies around the world, not one has ever suffered a single transducer failure. How many other manufacturers can righteously say that?

We manufacture audio measurement and analysis tools, too – including our unique Outline ET Series of electronic turntables. Designed originally in 1990 for our internal use, it has subsequently found its way into the research laboratories of virtually every professional loudspeaker systems’ manufacturer, as well as many transducer makers, universities’ research centers, and technology companies (including Apple, Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Facebook, to mention but a few). Another example is the Globe Source Radiator, a unique tool to generate most exacting stimuli for acoustic measurements of utmost accuracy.

We also develop our own software for various applications. In the world of touring sound, our Openarray3D program is recognized as an intuitive, powerful and accurate predictive tool that contributes greatly to the on-the-road efficiency of Outline line-source systems. Various apps are also created in-house to allow control of numerous Outline devices.

We don’t engage in hyperbole or the selling of ‘snake oil’. Everything we ship performs exactly as per our specifications, which allows clients all over the world to specify, deploy and operate Outline products with total confidence.

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