Outline’s new sightline:
brand identity (pt. lll)

Sound, as living matter, typically behaves in an ever changing, constantly evolving fashion: not just because its very nature in air is made of continuous variations of molecules’ density, oscillating between compression and rarefaction (thus generating the “sound waves” most commonly associated to acoustic stimuli), but because any audible construct has a fundamental relationship with time, in its essence, and therefore with space – both elemental realms that a loudspeaker systems’ manufacturer always keeps, front-and-center, in the crosshair of its daily research and development activities.

When commissioning the audible portion of the new Outline brand identity to PASE Platform’s Valeria Zane and Victor Nebbiolo di Castri, there was more at stake than the creation of what’s commonly referred to as a sound logo, i.e. a uniquely distinctive sound manifestation of short duration: in order to create an immersive soundfield that speaks of Outline’s unique brand voice, a more complex work had to be imagined and constructed.

To learn more, read on to the full story in the /aura section of kapeesh, the other part of [•–]’s looking-glass website!

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