Outline’s new sightline:
brand identity (pt. II)

There’s more than the mere visible component, what’s commonly referred to as “[visual] logo”, within Outline’s new brand identity: a whole world’s situated on the other side of the looking glass, governed by the auditory sense – enter the aural realm, the audible signature of Outline’s brand identity.

It realises a two-fold unity that includes both what’s commonly referred to as a “[sound] logo” (of short duration, 1.973 milliseconds), and a composition that places such sonic construct into a stochastic / probabilistic engine, informing a constantly changing, evolving soundscape, devised for ‘immersive‘ delivery (in ‘spatialised‘ fashion).

The work was commissioned to Valeria Zane and Victor Nebbiolo di Castri of PASE Platform, a research organisation based in Venice, actively investigating the perimeter of arts and culture, cross-pollinating laboratory techniques with forward-thinking marketing initiatives, often inspired by a deep influence of architecture and design.

Utterly fluid in performing arts and digital media, the collaborative liaison weaves their refined sound fabrics by threading electronic music composition and sound design onto the foundations of their formal education in classical music.

Head on to the full story in the /aura section of kapeesh, the other part of [•–]’s looking glass mirror new website!

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