Outline’s new sightline:
brand identity (pt. I)

In our quest to celebrating our 51st anniversary with a massively game-changing restructuring, Outline’s new sightline activities have triggered a comprehensive redesign of our brand identity.

It all started with the visual logo, which – although lightly retouched at different occasions and non-regular intervals – had kept faithful to its original gestalt and shape for the past fifty-one years, linked as it was to the incorporation dating back to 1973.

In its different iterations, the (now) old Outline logo had previously changed from portraying the shape of the pinna, i.e. the outer structure of human ear made of cartilage and skin, to later enclosing it at the edge of a (loudspeaker) box, morphed with Outline’s patented DPRWG profile (as in Dual Paraboloid Reflective Wave Guide).

None of this, literally, appears any longer within the new Outline visual logo, in which a point and a line now are horizontally aligned, carefully placed off the vertical axis center in a square-shaped surface – a geometric form of utmost simplicity, and a radical departure from the original, historical graphic construct.

Marketing (with capital M) has as many rules and credos as there are specialists and evangelists of the discipline, of course; at its most basic, all of them agree to the diktat of never (ever) diluting the accrued visual memory of a brand that’s retained by its stakeholders and general public – and, when point-gun forced into a redesign, only add the smallest dollop of change that does it nice and easy.

¿In this light, why on (Mother) Earth has Outline dared to go straight against this doctrine, starting off again from scratch, at an entirely new concept?

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