Outline raise the bar on style with Centro Stile

Outline, Italian manufacturer of premier professional audio solutions, take the plunge of ISE 2024 for commissioning a brand-new stand- and exhibition concept to their newly appointed Centro Stile.

A quick search of “Centro Stile” on the web returns thousands of pages, many of which rooted within most famous Italian car manufacturers’ brands – Alfa Romeo, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati – next to a handful of, again, most famous Italian lifestyle and interior design brands – Alessi, Alcantara, Bialetti, Ideal Standard.

If a link to electroacoustics, high-performance loudspeaker systems, digital signal processors and measurement solutions, core of the Brescia-based manufacturer’s offering, doesn’t pop-up at first glance, attendees of ISE 2024 may indeed witness the outcome of the first Centro Stile research projects, as previews of Outline future products, at their 7H820 booth.

If in Italian pop culture performance often rhymes with flair – think luxury sports cars, for instance – architects now design both the space and the experience, in which cultural- or social gatherings happen, at which sound and audio technology is the most potent means to an impactful delivery of both message and emotion – Outline’s turf, indeed!

Active on both sides of Communication- and Industrial Product Design, Outline’s Centro Stile has competence aplenty to handle both visual- and materials’ languages, across fine arts and engineering, advertising and technology, thanks to Luca Botturi and Filippo Centenari, respectively, the highly-skilled Centro Stile’s masters of ceremonies.

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