Isaac Newton on Outline’s stand at ISE 2024

Among the novelties that Outline, Italian manufacturer of premier professional audio solutions, will present at ISE 2024, at their booth 7H820, follow-spot will light up ISAAC, too, multi-platform control software for the well-established Outline Newton, the innovative FPGA-based digital signal engine.

Unlike old-times analogue equipment, modern-day digital devices often exist on two separate realms: there’s the hardware one, tightly snug into a 19″ rack, and there’s the software counterpart – NEWTON, as the de-facto standard feeding signals to the most demanding live events, isn’t an exception to this rule.

Fresh for 2024 delivery, after a (more than) lengthy waiting, enter NEWTON, reloaded – by its new ISAAC control environment, now welcoming Windows–, macOS– and Linux users alike, too: it does what you’ve been patiently waiting for, since when Newton launched with only a family name to mark its place in the world – drum roll here… cue!

Time has now finally come to unveil its full identity, with its first name, too:
it goes by ISAAC – Sir Isaac Newton, in facts – which is one of those few, not-so-common instances for which a nobility title doesn’t come at a hefty price (carrying no ties or strings attached, either).

Yep, each of the Newtons out there can now swing in their full persona, Sir Isaac Newton, and glow in their full glory, simply by downloading their [Sir] ISAAC control suite – gratis, kapeesh?

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