Hail the messenger: Outline P8 to introduce upcoming P-series

Entering now the final stage of its R&D development path, the new Outline P8, a compact point-source loudspeakers system for portable applications, will be on exhibit under a perspex display dome at Outline’s 7H820 booth at ISE 2024.

Although only a mock-up piece at present, P8 embodies features from the upcoming OUTLINE P-SERIES models such as coaxial loudspeakers, integral carrying handles, asymmetrical cabinet sides, Weave front grille, and the rotatable, “Always-Right” new [•–] logo shield.

Meant to ensure great ease of use in portable applications, P-SERIES models will be complemented by specific mechanical accessories, designed to simplify rigging practice at typical trade show-, theatre- and live club venues, as well as short-throw open air events.

The first product design commissioned to Centro Stile, the newly established unit tasked to put style front-and-center in all matters Outline, P8 and its siblings in the P-SERIES make themselves inconspicuously elegant and instantly recognizable, although in a very refined and subdued way.

The protective polyurea coating of the cabinet is graded to a proprietary off-black tone, finely matching the lo-viz, powder-coated, off-grey Weave-patterned grille, combined to ensure invisibility when lights go off.

Final acoustic performance data hasn’t yet been divulged at the time of printing, although OUTLINE sources confirmed that P-SERIES target-figures will rank its models among best-in-class contenders, in the upper segment of portable point-source loudspeakers systems for live sound applications.

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