Grilled to impress: Outline unveil the new “weave” pattern front grille.

Outline, Italian manufacturer of premier professional audio solutions, will exhibit at ISE 2024, booth 7H820, in front of a backlit picture of new WEAVE grille that’s to debut on their upcoming P-Series family of coaxial, point-source loudspeakers systems for portable applications.

Perfected to improve the void-on-full ratio without spoiling mechanical protection factor, WEAVE introduces a distinctive, quasi-textile-look, clearly reminiscent of the linen curtains that hung at Aunt Carla’s living room, during the glorious ’70s of Outline heydays.

The self-dampening device on its lower side’s fixing, combined with the aluminum construction, make the WEAVE front grille intrinsically less resonant than traditional round-holed steel-sheet designs.

As the most visible element on the first product manifestation of Outline’s newly established Centro Stile, WEAVE onboards one feature that may serve as a basic communication device on future products, too: a tiniest color strip runs vertically, blade-like, in the slot where front grille’s tucked at the cabinet’s slanted, side-swept, vertical front edges.

Nicknamed “C-me-C-me-not”, this strip just appears at a few degrees’ viewing angle, only when standing right in front of it at close quarters – so it won’t get noticed even by the most details-obsessed, obnoxious client at industrial events – while silently confirming Series, model, or dispersion angle, when it will be introduced on future products.

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