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  1. Allow me to introduce myself, my name is : Hendy Widjaja, come from Central Kalimantan ( Indonesia )
    I work in a Disco and Club as a technician and sound engenering. From 2009 I already have it
    I have Outline Genius M412 ( 3 units ). Outline Power Amplifier Tnine ( 7 units ), Outline Genius 24 ( 18 units ), Outline Genius 26 ( 4 units ).
    Outline DVS-15 ( 1 pair ). LSS speaker 12″ ( 1 Pair )
    But Software for setting Outline Genius M412 I don’t have any.
    Can I still get software Outline Genius M412.
    How can I get the software Outline Genius M412.
    If software Outline Genius 24/26 I have it.
    When can I get the software Outline Genius M412.
    I haven’t been able to settings for a long time because I don’t have software
    I thank you in advance very much

    Best regards
    Hendy Widjaja

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