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Story Event Engineering Invests in Outline’s Newton FPGA Processor

Under the banner of “Get the best from your event”, for over 25 years, Netherlands-based Story Event Engineering has been the reliable reference point for audiovisual facilities and technology for event and location organizers in the country, with a portfolio ranging from large outdoor festivals through corporate events, to theatre tours and intimate classical concert, all serviced with the goal of creating the best possible audience experience with its comprehensive stock of lighting, sound and video equipment, plus innovative IT solutions, enabling clients to optimize events, safety and operation management.

The company recently invested in Outline’s Newton multi-source audio processor (patent pending technology), which combines unique ‘WFIR’ filtering technology (also patent pending), multi-format audio signal routing, simultaneous multiple standard conversion and digital signal synchronization in a single 1RU chassis.

Martin van Kouwen, sales specialist at Ampco Flashlight Sales, Outline Newton distributor for the BeNeLux markets, says, “Outline’s recently developed Newton is a ground-breaking product for advanced audio processing, which, due to its characteristics and quality, is ideally suited to audio professionals who place great importance in quality.”

Those professionals now include Michael Story, co-founder with Egbert Story of Story Event Engineering. Story’s demanding clientele sets the bar high, with audio processing now meeting the newest and highest standards, and the company has met these expectations by purchasing an Outline Newton 16+8 processor, which immediately went on the road, playing a prominent role in recent concerts by Dutch diva Willeke Alberti.

“With the WFIR filters, the control can be optimally and perfectly personalized,” says Michael Story. “I can therefore now create any sound, and that makes Newton a perfect professional tool.”

From its base in Alphen in the Dutch province of Gelderland, and with a crew of more than 20 passionate professionals, Story Event Engineering has always aimed at making clients happy and ensuring spectators a truly emotional listening experience.

Story adds, “Our ability to do this is not only demonstrated by our track record and our loyal clients, but also by the fact that manufacturers ask us to think along with them on the development of even better equipment and solutions.”

Other BeNeLux audio pros keen to understand the difference Newton can make to their audio control can participate in the seminars being organized by Outline and Ampco Flashlight Sales on 11th and 12th November 2019, focusing on the Newton audio system control and networking solution. Both seminars will be hosted by Outline’s Newton specialist, Fernando Rey Mendez.