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Outline Rings In The New Year In Lagos

Remember Chaitezvi – Senior System Technician and Mixing Engineer

Cytech’s GTO rig keeps a huge crowd partying

Lagos hosted one of the biggest New Year’s Eve events on the African continent – and thanks to the Outline rig it was a great success. The people of Nigeria certainly know how to party, and New Year’s Eve is no exception!

Cytech, the company called upon to provide full technical services for this exciting event, provides premier professional solutions for the event and show industry, meeting clients’ needs and bringing their projects to life.

Its success in supplying turnkey solutions is ensured thanks also to the great passion for the profession with which its team, starting with the concept, carries out the design, total project management, execution and delivery of high-profile events.

The event took place at Bar Beach, on Victoria Island. Various popular artistes like Davido, Wizkid, Olamide, Ice Prince, Falz, Adekunle Gold, Simi, Humble Smith and more were on the scene to entertain and thrill the audience, and fantastic firework displays rounded off the festivities.

Cytech used an Outline PA system, with main hangs comprising nine Grand Touring Outline (GTO), six GTO C-12 and a GTO-DF (DownFill) – a total of sixteen. For front fills the company deployed six Outline Butterfly speakers, DBS 18-2 subs ground-stacked eight per side – five stacked on top of each other to increase the coupling between the subs, to give a longer throw at low frequency, and three more stacked next to the five.

At the centre of the stage the Cytech team placed four Outline LAB 21 infa-sub speakers which served both to fill the centre with low frequency and to generate high SPL at infra-low frequencies. On delays the company fielded nine GTO C-12 on each side, which ensured excellent reach and audience coverage.

Remember Chaitezvi is Senior System Technician and Mixing Engineer at Cytech, and he got to work on the Outline system. So what was the experience like for him?

Huge crowd in attendance

It all comes down to how true a system can stay to the original source sound and how much creative EQ can be done on the system to create the right atmosphere for the event“, said Remember.

Working on this system not only answered both of these questions – it was a joy, especially help by an AVID SC 48 at FOH with Sonnox Oxford plug-ins. It really was an amazing experience.”

Remember first heard of the Outline system from his mentor, Andrea Taglia, world-famous Italian tenor Andrea Bocelli’s sound engineer – and knew that technical requirements for that music genre can be very demanding. But it wasn’t until he got to work with Outline first-hand, as a system tech and mixing engineer, that he fully understood the speakers’ efficiency.

About 50,000 people attended the festive event and the Outline system ensured that Remember was able to give even coverage from the front to the very back of the venue. New Year’s Eve revellers weren’t the only ones to be blown away that night!

As Remember stated, “I definitely think the Outline system has taken a special place in my heart. I also got great support from Andrea Taglia and Davide Lombardi as well as the Outline team, which made working with the system an even greater pleasure.

Remember does events all across Africa, so is accustomed to the challenge of finding pro gear and getting the right amount of PA. As he stated: “To my knowledge, based on 14 years’ experience, Cytech is the only native African founded company with pro audio systems of that size – and for that I give respect to its founder, Mr Cy. I’m happy to be part of making history with Cytech, which acts as a trail-blazer, setting technically excellent standards for others to follow. I just hope other African countries will learn from this example, and I’m really convinced that they soon will after I share the story of what’s happening in Nigeria.