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UK – Novum Audio Visual Ltd., a leading Midlands-based conference and technical event production company, has just invested in a significant stock of Outline PA equipment along with flying hardware, flight cases and amplifiers as part of an exercise to both revitalize and streamline their rental stock inventory. Novum’s technical team voted unanimously for the Outline products after a blind shoot-out between seven different speaker manufacturers.

Novum’s commercial director, Tim Jacques, takes up the story: “In this current tranche of investment, we essentially had two issues to resolve. First, we were looking to overhaul our point source stock, and secondly we wanted to set a foundation and a direction for our next investment into a large-format solution.

“Much of our previous audio stock was over 10 years old and over the years we had gradually built up a wide range of different speaker types and brands to respond to the varying needs of our clients, “continues Jacques.

“Whilst our customers have always been delighted with our service, system design and setup was getting ever more complicated with five different speaker brands in various formats and three different brands of amplifiers. We decided that it was time to streamline the stock and find a speaker brand that both met our performance criteria and helped reduce weight.

“Our ideal solution was a box that was sufficiently small and aesthetically pleasing for use at our corporate events, yet powerful enough to handle the demands we have for public address and stage performance. We were also keen to reduce the total number of speakers on inventory and keep a smaller but busier stock.”

Jacques then set about organising a blind shoot-out between seven different speaker manufacturers. They used one of their existing speakers as a reference point and were encouraged to note that their existing system actually ranked very highly in many of the tests. However, there was only one brand that performed consistently well in all of the tests, and that was Outline.

“Our technicians all selected option D from the 12” speaker range – which turned out to be the Outline Vegas 12 CX coaxial loudspeaker – and option B from the 8” range – the Vegas 8CX – without having the first idea that they were the Outline offerings. The other speaker brands varied in their final scores, but the team was unanimous on the ranking for Outline – it was the number one choice for all of our technicians.”

He concluded: “To sum up, we’re delighted with the quality and performance of the Outline audio equipment and we know we can rely on CUK when it comes to service, so I’m confident that they will be a key partner for us in any future plans for our continued expansion.”

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